About Me

Collage of me

 I'm a Sacramento native. But, I'm also familiar with other parts of California. I yearn to travel and to fulfill my goals. I also want to help others in making them happy and achieving their goals. I've had a lot of struggles throughout my life, but I believe they have helped me learn and led me to reach for better opportunities.

I'm the person out there you think is lost, but instead I'm just wandering. I chose to be either the first or last one in line, so I don't have to wait. I'm the one that loves to keep secrets. Most of the time you won't know what I'm doing, but everything I do is with a purpose. I'm the one you will have a hard time understanding until you get to know me.

Even though I'm not the most articulate person, I feel that through writing I can be able to let others understand what I mean. I want to encourage others to enjoy great experiences and maybe even inspire one person.