Saturday, October 15, 2016

Apple Hill Trip

I finally got around to going to Apple Hill. I been wanting to go there for years. I've heard people talk about it, but was not always sure what it was about. The only thing I knew about it when I first heard of it was that people can pick their own apples from trees. As the years passed, I kept hearing more about it. It wasn't until this year that I finally decided to go and actually did it. The reason why I finally went this year was because I kept seeing posts on Facebook about Apple Hill. It made me feel quite excited for it and I had never been there before.

I didn't do too much research about Apple Hill before I went. But, I'm so glad that I printed out a map to help me navigate my way around the area and to help me decide where to go next. When I looked at the map I was surprised to learn that there are Christmas tree farms in Apple Hill. It's not like a fair where you can walk around to different booths or stations. You really can't make it to most of the destinations on the map unless you have a car or you don't mind running/speed walking through narrow roads with cars passing by. But even then, it would be hard holding a pumpkin and running and/or speed walking.

My first stop was Rainbow Orchards. I decided to go there because I read online that they have the best Apple Cider donuts because they come right out of the fryer. When I was there I was surprised to learn that the donuts were $1 or $12 dozen. The donuts were really delicious. Those are the donuts I like to think of when people say apple donuts instead of those with apple slices in them. While I was at Rainbow Orchards, I also sampled there apple cider. I've got to say that it was one of the best apple ciders that I've ever had. I really do regret not buying it from there, so I can taste more of it. Another thing I regret not getting is the pumpkins. Their pumpkins were beautiful and they had so many to choose from. I've seen pumpkins at grocery stores and they look kind of destroyed or old.

The next stop I made was Larsen Apple Barn since it was very close to Rainbow Orchards. When I was there, I first checked out the apple barn. It was had so many apples that were already in a box ready to be purchased. All of the apples looked very fresh and nice. There's also sampling of apples in the barn. Larsen Apple Barn also had a bakery/restaurant in a separate building. Me and my friend grabbed some bakery items to try. Afterwards, we checked out the little museum they had there. Despite the fact that there was a lot of old items there, I found myself taking pictures of them and thinking that I can use the pictures for a project one day.

It might sound silly, but I like looking at old vehicles as much as I do old houses. I especially love looking at haunted houses or abandoned buildings. That's probably why I decided to do a project that was abandoned theme for one of my courses.

Our next stop was Boa Vista. Boa Vista was one of the places that I noticed posts from on Facebook. It had a pretty nice pumpkin patch and nice store in the barn. Too bad the restaurants there weren't open that day. I think those restaurants might open up during the weekends or when it's a busier time.

After Boa Vista, we headed to the fudge shop. I looked around to see all the goodies there, but only left with 2 items. I believe I got a tiger peanut cup and a white chocolate cup. It was good, but didn't taste too impressive.

My last stop was to actually take pictures where my car passed while on the way to certain farms. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to take a picture of a place I thought was beautiful. I also found the Love Shack bar around that same area.

For those people who love doing wine tours, I highly suggest Apple Hill. You can even purchase apple wine here, as well as other goodies. Apple hill is also great for families or friends. I just love the fresh fruit, foods, and cider there. I'll come back someday. Next time I want to try the apple pie and apple picking.

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