Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Experience with League of Legends

I've heard of the game League of Legends before, but it never crossed my mind that I would ever play it. I told a few friends I played it and I got some laughs. Since I do know some friends who play the game, I've seen a few game plays and added some of them as friends. I've even added some people online who I played a game with. To my surprise, some people even added me as a friend. And, that's when I started to play it more.

I really had no idea what the game was about when I heard about it or when I started playing it. I only started playing it because my friend suggested it and I said ok and wanted to learn something new. My friend told me to choose a champion that I wanted to play. Since I didn't know anything about the game I chose someone who I thought was cool and did high damage. I didn't know what anything else did or meant, as I'm not a usual gamer. I'm used to playing games like Clash of Clans, Simpsons Tapped Out, and MyVegas, Smash Bros, and Mortal Kombat. So, when I first played League of Legends I found myself highly confused. The first few times I played the games I died immediately and did not understand a lot of stuff. I did not know why I was doing most of the attacking and my friend was hiding behind bushes or standing behind me. I didn't understand how to attack and I actually have to admit it that I still make attacking mistakes.

So, yeah, I had a lot to learn from the game. Through playing many bot games with friends and strangers I understood more of how to play the game and how it worked. That was fun for me when I was learning to understand something that I didn't understand at all and at first thought was confusing. I also had fun playing with some friends and doing stuff with them. I really liked learning more about the champions, including which role they play and their attacks.

Although it was a fun experience understanding the game and connecting with my friends through it, I decided to stop playing the game. I just didn't feel the game was all that much fun anymore after it became more serious. When I started to play more regular games, I started noticing people on chats being rude and giving out comments that I wasn't trying or feeding. I always try my best to win in games, but I can't always guarantee that I will be better than others or always win the game. Since I stopped playing, I felt relaxed that I didn't have to face people's comments online.

This is the second game that I felt that I've been serious at and left in a significant way, yet I don't feel as bad leaving it. I'd say the first game I left is Clash of Clans and I felt really bad leaving it because in that game I felt part of a group that really supported me and liked me even though I never met any of them. So, when I stopped playing Clash of Clans, I lost the connection that I had with them, which was something I enjoyed and actually kept me playing the game for a long time. But, for League of Legends when I left it I didn't feel like I lost that much besides just a game because I didn't chat with any strangers online extensively. Also, I am able to chat with my regular friends who play League of Legends outside of the game anyways.