Friday, February 5, 2016

First San Francisco trip of the year

So, I made my first San Francisco trip in January when Lily came to visit California for a business trip. The first place we went to was the Walt Disney Museum. It was my first time there, but I been meaning to go since last year. And, I recently got free admission to many museums due to my Explorer membership to the California Museum. Yay, for volunteering :). I was able to get me, Chen, and Lily in for free.

The museum was really nice. There were some spots that were pretty interactive. I like it told some stories I never heard of before.

I liked the view of the Golden Gate bridge from the museum!

My favorite thing at the museum was the the mini model of Disneyland. It was really cute!!

After the museum, me and Lily wanted to eat Burmese food since it doesn't have it where we live. And, San Francisco has some popular spots for Burmese food. I ordered a pork dish, but it wasn't as good as the last Burmese restaurant I went to.

I forgot the name of the noodles we ordered, but they were pretty good. But, the noodles were cold and not warm like what I was used to.

Afterwards, we went to Union Square for shopping. We went to our usual shops. For some reason it's hard for me to go clothing shopping outside of Sacramento because I hate carrying my stuff and having a car to put it in. I also feel that I can get most of those clothes at home. But, I think it's because the way I shop is that I find something I really like then I will buy that.

Boba guys was alright. I ordered the horchata drink. But, I felt that horchata was better at Latin American restaurants. My friend's cousin's place is probably the best I've had.

I hope that Lily returns soon, so we can go hang out. I do also want to visit her at New York, so hopefully one of those happen soon.