Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lessons I've Learned

I felt that I've learned a lot in my life. I've learned them at different points in my life. The lessons I've learned have taught me to be more accepting of others and my unhappy situations. 

1. There will be times when you have to do things how other people do it, which may be different from how you do it.

2. You might work really hard, but the results you want aren't always guaranteed.

3. No matter how educated or more well off financially a person is it doesn't mean that person is perfect or better than you.

4. If you wait for others to sign up or do something with you there's a possibility it won't ever happen. Instead of waiting, you should make deadlines and see if others can meet it.

5. There's always someone watching or observing even if it doesn't seem like anyone is paying attention. This applies to what you do in social media, work, school, or even the mall, especially if you have a regular routine.

6. You will feel happy or special when someone mentions or remember something that is not mentioned often.

7. No matter how good your memory was in the past you can't remember everything.

8. There will be things that you will never get tired of, while there will be things you will be tired of. Moreover, people are happy doing the same things over and over because that's what makes them happy. While others crave something new and want adventure and spice.

9. Don't worry about not being the fastest, smartest, or the slowest because eventually everyone will catch up and it's all about taking the next step and getting things done right.

10. Some things won't ever be finished or won't ever happen.

11. Motivation comes in many different ways. Since every person is different in experiences and thoughts each person is encouraged by something different be it fear, challenges, or even discouragement. It's all about perception.

I wanted to list 21 or 25 lessons. but I couldn't think of anymore lessons. But, I will settle for 11.

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