Monday, November 9, 2015

Family trip in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA

On Saturday, I drove to San Francisco with my mom, sisters, and my aunt. It's one of our few family trips and one of the first times I took my mom and aunt out. Since the occasion was planned late, I ended up cancelling my shopping date with my friends to Vacaville Outlet.

Even though I knew I was going to head out to San Francisco before I fell asleep, I could not fall asleep easily. I think I only got 3 hours of sleep. It wasn't that bad waking up early, but it still wasn't fun. The drive to San Francisco was pretty good. I'm glad that I getting more used to it.

After we parking in Chinatown, we walked to get something to eat. We walked to Great Eastern Restaurant, which was literally like two minutes away from the parking lot. The inside looked much nicer than I imagined. I was surprised to hear that Barack Obama ate there. I'm even more surprised that Stephen Hawking ate there. The dim was good, except I really did not like their pork ribs. It was rather harder and and not as tasty as other places that I have been. I do like that they seem to make everything when you order it, so it's more fresh. But, I did find the place a little bit more expensive than what I was used to.

I think I was close to falling asleep at the restaurant because I kept closing my eyes. I did, however, slept a bit while my sisters went shopping. My sleep deprivation finally caught up with me. The sleep also helped me to not feel as bloated.

After Chinatown, we walked to Union Square, which was about a 15 minute walk. When we arrived, we went through Westfield Centre and my sisters went to there usual shopping places. Afterwards, we walked to Union Square park and we took pictures with the Christmas tree. My aunt went to Prada and she couldn't find the bag she was going to order for my aunt in China. Our last stop at Union Square was H&M. I'm surprised that my aunt and mom both found something there. For me, I only find something I liked at H&M every once in a while. That day, I spotted a really cute black jacket with a string. I loved that style and I got it.

Before heading to the parking lot, my mom and aunt checked out some shops in Chinatown. They didn't find any medicine they were looking for, but they did get Longan and some grocery. At Portsmouth Park, I noticed a very noticeable amount of elderly playing cards. I thought that was awesome that they had a place to meet up and do something they enjoy.

Both me and Cindy wanted to stop at PurpleKow before leaving, so we went to the one in Berkeley. We ordered lots of boba drinks and I got my 10 stamps completed on my card. I'm getting a free drink next time :). Since I knew 85 C was close by, I walked to grab some egg tarts and other bakery items. On my walk, I noticed that Paris Baguette was right across the street as well. Too bad I didn't have time to stop there too. Next time! I think it was still a good experience and I got to do all the things I originally planned. And, driving wasn't bad :).

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Middle School

Whenever I think of middle school, I think about how much I hated it. There was so much I hated about it and myself. I think it's because it's one of the loneliest moments of my time. It was back in a time when I felt very lost and unguided. It was a time when everyone was going through puberty and trying to understand their identity. It was a time when many people were not nice to me and I had to face them everyday.

But, then, today, I look back at my old middle school memory journal that I made and realized that there were some good moments. I was at a point where I apprehended my weaknesses and strengths. And, somehow I remained strong and managed to smile a lot during those days.

I totally forgot that I wrote a promotion speech for 8th grade in 2004. That's over 10 years ago! I never actually presented it, but I'm glad I wrote it. After reading it, I learned I didn't change so much and there are some stuff I forgotten.  I did get kinda teary when I read it.

I also wrote a "about me" for the memory book. The only thing that really changed is I definitely love Japanese food and I do like vegetables, except for yellow and red onions and eggplants. I don't know why I hated it back then.

I did make some friends that I still keep in contact with today. It helped me learn to be more independent. It helped me learn that it's ok to be by myself. It also made me yearn for alone time when I'm around people too much.

But, I still remember I hated workshop class and when I cut off some of my skin. I hated that some people didn't make an effort in getting to know me because I wasn't a bad person. Then again, I still admire those people who told me to never change and wanted me to be more open to others.

I did not imagine I would like this art class in middle school, but I think I ended up liking it because I was the only one who got an A and I was the only one to complete a rug.

So, I guess looking back at middle school now makes me think that all the things I hate are just things of the past. After all, me hating Japanese food is definitely a thing of the past. Even if some things did follow with me today, it made me stronger and a better person.