Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hiking to Horsetail Falls

I haven't been hiking in a while, so Horsetails Falls was a good experience to get out of my regularly work schedule and stress. I found out about Horsetail Falls through Xeng. We were initially going to go to Fairy Falls, but Xeng heard it was haunted, so she suggested we go to Horsetail Falls instead. Despite my busy schedule and only getting two hours of sleep, I managed to drive us to Twin Peaks this morning as the sun was rising. I'm glad that I had a cup of tea in hand for whenever I felt exhausted. I hated how the sun was so bright at certain points though.

I was so glad that I didn't have to drive through the cliff area this time around. That is definitely one thing I always hate about going to Lake Tahoe. I'm also glad that there was a parking lot. But, it did cost us $5.00 for parking. As we walked towards the trail, we noticed that there were bathrooms there, but they really stunk, so it doesn't seem that it's cleaned often. It was nice that the trail signs were noticeable and right off the parking lot.

The hike didn't start off to hard. We walked for a few minutes and reached the first waterfall. It was a tiny waterfall, but it was nice to see water so soon.

After walking for a few more minutes after the first tiny hike, we saw an even bigger waterfall. I was surprised by the amount of water. But, I think there's more water during other seasons.

Me and Xeng decided to walk further to look for a bigger and more special waterfall. One our way there, we spotted another waterfall. I really that the water there was so clear. I couldn't help, but touch it.

As we kept walking further, we noticed that there was hiking sign on trees that told us which direction to go. I thought that was very helpful. However, there would be times when we would walk and there would be no sign around. Me and Xeng didn't see anyone on the trail until we made our way back, which we thought was weird. We kept on walking, but we didn't know if she should go further or not because the map that we found said that we were 0.5 miles away from Horsetails Falls, but we believed we walked past that and didn't see it.

We didn't end up seeing some of the sights that we posted on some sites. However, me and Xeng both and agreed that we wouldn't mind doing the hike again and looking for it. This is one of the hikes that I really enjoyed. I would go to it again and again. And, I don't say that to many hikes that I've done before.

I loved the views that we saw. It was so nice. I'm going to keep this hike on my list of hikes to do in the distant future. Until then, I hope to experience great hikes like this one.

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