Sunday, June 14, 2015

First time at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA

I went to Knott's Berry Farm the day after I went to Disneyland. We were there by 10ish and walked there from the hotel. When we first arrived, it was not that crowded. Also, there were 3 Peanuts characters taking photos with guests. I was able to get photos with all three, including one with Snoopy!

The rides at Knott's Berry Farm were much bigger and I would say aimed more towards teens. The first ride I went on at Knott's Berry Farm was a bus that just went up and down slowly, but I was scared throughout the whole ride. I didn't like that is had turbulence and I felt uncomfortable. The next ride we went on was much more chill. It was just a small railroad with honks on them. If I like the feeling of rollercoasters and such I would have gone on more rides.

There were some pretty cool rides. It was too bad that I had to leave early. I wanted to go to the new ride that looked really cool, but the line was way too long. One really cool ride that I went on was through a old gold mine. I thought it was cool seeing how mining was back in the old days. It looked super dangerous. I think my favorite ride there was the boat ride that lets us go down the stream. It was sort of like white water rafting.

I didn't take too many photos while I was at Knott's Berry Farm. I did think that it was cool how each section of the park had different themes, like Camp Snoopy, Ghost Town, and Boardwalk. I was also surprised to see Mexican food there and a Panda Express. I was disappointed when there was this place called Boardwalk BBQ and it had a long line, but the thing that really got me was that the thing on the menu that most resembles BBQ was grilled chicken sandwich.

I remember back in college I was talking with some friends about theme parks and I mentioned how I never been to Disneyland or even heard of Knott's Berry Farm. They said Knott's Berry Farm was better than Disneyland. I think somewhere in between the conversation, I felt kind of embarrassed that I never been to either before and I was wearing pink. I guess it's nice that a few years later, I managed to go to both. Next time, I hope to see a show and go on more fun rides.

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