Sunday, June 14, 2015

First time at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA

I went to Knott's Berry Farm the day after I went to Disneyland. We were there by 10ish and walked there from the hotel. When we first arrived, it was not that crowded. Also, there were 3 Peanuts characters taking photos with guests. I was able to get photos with all three, including one with Snoopy!

The rides at Knott's Berry Farm were much bigger and I would say aimed more towards teens. The first ride I went on at Knott's Berry Farm was a bus that just went up and down slowly, but I was scared throughout the whole ride. I didn't like that is had turbulence and I felt uncomfortable. The next ride we went on was much more chill. It was just a small railroad with honks on them. If I like the feeling of rollercoasters and such I would have gone on more rides.

There were some pretty cool rides. It was too bad that I had to leave early. I wanted to go to the new ride that looked really cool, but the line was way too long. One really cool ride that I went on was through a old gold mine. I thought it was cool seeing how mining was back in the old days. It looked super dangerous. I think my favorite ride there was the boat ride that lets us go down the stream. It was sort of like white water rafting.

I didn't take too many photos while I was at Knott's Berry Farm. I did think that it was cool how each section of the park had different themes, like Camp Snoopy, Ghost Town, and Boardwalk. I was also surprised to see Mexican food there and a Panda Express. I was disappointed when there was this place called Boardwalk BBQ and it had a long line, but the thing that really got me was that the thing on the menu that most resembles BBQ was grilled chicken sandwich.

I remember back in college I was talking with some friends about theme parks and I mentioned how I never been to Disneyland or even heard of Knott's Berry Farm. They said Knott's Berry Farm was better than Disneyland. I think somewhere in between the conversation, I felt kind of embarrassed that I never been to either before and I was wearing pink. I guess it's nice that a few years later, I managed to go to both. Next time, I hope to see a show and go on more fun rides.

Friday, June 12, 2015

First time at Disneyland (Anaheim, CA)

I went to Disneyland last week with Xeng and Stephanie. For all of us, it was our first time at Disneyland. We were really excited. We also decided to see Knott's Berry Farm too while we were there.

On Thursday morning, we drove to Disneyland. It took about 8 hours and we arrived a bit before 4pm. Then, we got Korean BBQ and some boba. Afterwards, we relaxed at the hotel. I, however, decided to work out for a bit before heading to bed.

We woke up around 7 and we ended up leaving the hotel by 8:30ish. We took the hotel's shuttle to Disneyland, which was good because we didn't have to worry about parking.

When I entered, I bought the Minnie Mouse ears and then I saw Minnie Mouse! Me and my friends went in line and then some other characters came out, such as Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck. We also saw some other characters walking by, but we couldn't get pictures with them.

I was glad to get it with Mickey Mouse because he is one of the most popular characters there. I also heard stories of people waiting in line for hours just to meet with a character. Glad I didn't have to wait too long.

I like the cast at Disneyland. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were both excited to see me and did lots of movements with their hands.

I also liked how Daisy Duck wanted us all to show some sass for the photo. I thought that was cool.

I liked how some of the cast can actually talk to you. I like that because it makes the experience seems magical somehow.

After walking around Disneyland, we got our "first time" pins. Then, we looked around for breakfast food. We ended up at Carnation Cafe, which served general American breakfast food. I ordered the burger and my hands ended up getting much more wet from the juice than I expected, but I finished the whole burger.

I remember our first ride at Disneyland was "it's a small world". I did not expect that ride to be a long as it was, nor did I expect it to say "it's a small world" so many times. It's still stuck in my head. Other than that, it was a smooth boat ride and the effects and toys were good.

I been wanting to try the beignets in New Orleans, but I haven't had the chance to go there yet, but I found out that Disneyland had them, so I gave them a try. I like the Mickey Mouse shaped beignets. It was pretty good :).

We saw the railroad and it was about to board, so we decided to go on. The first stop for us was Mickey's Toon Town, which was about to have it's first show. Lucky for us that we made it there on time before it started. It had some Disney characters and princesses and a story about Mickey Mouse. 

We went on some other boat rides as well. I think one of my more favorite of them was the jungle boat ride because the tour guide was pretty entertaining. I also like the ride where it take you to a a building and shows you a story of a princess, Toad, or Tinkerbell. My favorite one would be the Snow White ride. I believe the longest line we stood in that day was the Toad ride inside the building and it was probably around a 30 min wait.

I wanted to see Fantasmic, but it conflicted with the parade and fireworks, so we had to decide one or the other. I felt that the "Paint the Night" parade and the fireworks didn't disappoint though.

The parade was beautiful. I loved how all the floats lit up at night and they were all beautifully designed. My favorite float would have to be the one with Belle in it and there's a big rose.

Some other ones I like are the Frozen one, Tinkerbell float, Little Mermaid float, and Mickey Mouse float. But still, all of them were pretty good :).

I liked how Mickey Mouse ended the night. It's good to see a character you know and love at the end. Right after the parade was the fireworks. It was really crowded at that moment. It was hard for anyone to move or leave since there was so many people and because some places were blocked off after the parade.

I felt the parade was pretty good. I wished I had a better spot, but it was still nice. After we left Disney, we checked out Downtown Disney for a bit and waited for our shuttle, which was late.

Overall, I liked my first time experience at Disneyland. I got to see some Disney characters and went on more rides than expected. The crowd wasn't that bad until the fireworks segment. For next time, I will see some Disney princesses and try to go on more of the popular rides. Maybe I will also get to go to California Adventures or Universal Studios.