Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trip to Morro Bay

After we were done with Hearst Castle, we went to Morro Bay to check in to the hotel. It was about an hour drive, which was not that bad. When we arrived, I noticed that the town was pretty small, just about every other person had a dog, and that we were close to Morro Rock.

I never would have known about Morro Bay if it hadn't been for the web. I think I first heard about it when I was searching up hotels near San Luis Obispo and there were hotels that were cheap and described as being next to Morro Rock. I thought it was cool and that it would be nice to check out one day.

I didn't have a meal that whole day, so we went to eat. I originally thought of eating in San Luis Obispo, but didn't feel like driving that far at the moment. Instead, I found a BBQ place called Brickhouse BBQ that I wanted to check out, so we ended up walking there from the hotel. It was about a 10-15 minute walk.

When we arrived, I helped Emily ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and I ordered two meats- grilled chicken and ribs along with green beans and garlic bread. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed their food. Emily and Vincent loved that place and had to ask if they had any other locations.

Later, I thought that we would be able to walk to Morro Rock from the hotel. But, as we kept walking I realized that it would be better if I drove there, so when we were back at the hotel I drove there and ended up at their beach.

This painting is a map of Morro Bay. Morro Bay is actually pretty small, but looks nice.

I have to admit that the sunset at Morro Beach looked amazing. I loved it. Sunset and beach together just works. There's no denying that.

It was fun playing with the tides and running around the beach. I always love spending time at the beach.

Until next time, I will be thinking about you Morro Bay. Thanks for a great experience.

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