Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crystal Hermitage at Ananda Village

I like research. I like pinterest, yelp, and facebook. I also like festival, city events, and beautiful sights. I believe it was due to my interest in festivals and special events that I started looking up events that I could attend. I was aware that there were a lot of things going around me that I didn't know about. As I was looking through events in Northern California, I stumbled upon an event called "Springtime in Ananda Village". I browsed through their website and noticed a very pretty garden filled will mostly tulips. I, then, looked up the location of the place and noticed that it was about 2 hours away past Auburn. I thought that it was a place I could possibly go. At that day that I discovered the event, I was also approached by my Xeng to attend an event. I wasn't sure if I was going to go to that event, but I asked her if she wanted to check out the event and she said yes.

We went on Sunday. It was a nice sunny day and the drive there wasn't all too bad. I'm glad that there's not much cars around there, especially on the mountains.

When we got there, we paid the admittance fee of $5.00. I believe the garden is called Crystal Hermitage.

I wasn't all too sure what to expect really since no one I knew had came there before and I didn't see much pictures.

I was amazed by the different colored tulips they had. I also liked their ponds and pools. I liked that they had some tables there. It would have been a great place to just have a picnic.

My favorite tulips there are the red ones. I also like the red and white tulips.

I'm glad that I went to Crystal Hermitage. I almost decided not to go, but I convinced myself to go because I wanted to check it out. I'd say it's worth it. I wished the arboretum had that many flowers. But, I have to say check this place out if you love flowers or nature. It's so beautiful.

I really liked Crystal Hermitage, despite the fact that I knew very little about it before. There's so many popular attractions or events I would go to and I would be all excited, but when I actually go there it doesn't provide the same excitement. Not knowing the beauty I would experience made it a good experience for me.  I like the element of surprise. Then again, each person looks at the world differently and are surprised by the littlest things, which makes everyone unique. Also, nothing beats seeing something in real life. So, I guess I also have to say sorry if you looked at the pictures and or exposed to part of what Crystal Hermitage looks like. But, I have to write about this place because it would be cruel if I kept it to myself and it would support Ananda Village if it had more tourists or business.

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