Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Day in San Francisco

On Friday evening, I went to stay over night in San Francisco. This time around I wasn't doing the driving, which I was grateful for. I really don't like driving in San Francisco, especially up and down the hills since I'm afraid of heights. We took a different route there, which was pretty cool. I got to see a new side of California I never seen before.

When we arrived at our hotel, we had to find parking. It wasn't easy. All of the parking spots were taken on most of the streets and we had to drive around a few times just to find one.

Our first stop the next day was Japantown. Japantown had it's Cherry Blossom Festival going on. This year the hello kitty cafe came. There was a long line for it, which was why I didn't go to it.

We were there pretty early, so we walked around to check out all the booths and in the plaza. Some of them were open, but a lot of them were not. We ended up getting takoyaki and karrage from one of the food booths and it was good.

I had my friend, Eric try the crepes there because I liked them and believe Eric would enjoy them as well.

At 12pm, we dined in Benihana's. Patrick really wanted to go to a place that cooked in front of you, so that's why we went. It was a cool experience. I ordered the hibachi steak with chicken fried rice. I liked the hibachi steak, but I didn't like the chicken fried rice because it included onions.

After Japantown, we were going to head to Fishermen's Wharf, but it was too packed for parking. But, my friends just really wanted to go to the beach, so I suggested Crissy Fields.

Crissy fields has a view of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz Island. There were lots of dogs there. It was cool seeing the dogs playing around.

When we left, we passed the golden gate bridge.  The gate doesn't really look golden to me.
It was a fun experience going to San Francisco and hanging with my friends. There's still so much of San Francisco I haven't explored, but I guess that's why I keep going back.

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