Monday, March 23, 2015

Short Hike in Auburn with Xeng

I believe it was in January when me and Xeng hiked in Auburn. Xeng wanted to look at an overview of the American River, but we weren't quite sure where is was though.

After hiking for about 15 minutes, we ended up at this former dam site. It was scenic there. I can't believe that place used to be a dam.

I didn't want to continue the trail since it looked pretty tough and I didn't know where else it would lead. We came back to where we started and noticed that most the trails listed where way too far for us to do.

We decided to walk around the area a bit and look around, but not go on the long hikes.

During our walk, we noticed a fish pond. It was nice to see. I assumed that the water came from the American River. After our short hike, me and Xeng ate at Oscars. It was Xeng's first time, but I think she liked it. Even though our hike was short, Xeng suggested we check out Lake Clementine for a future hike.

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