Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet Jack

I first met Jack when my mom and sister brought him home in January. We got Jack from a man who decided to move to Alaska and couldn't bring Jack with him. Jack has been with us ever since.

My sister says Jack is a boxer and when I looked up pictures online Jack looks like one. He is very soft and doesn't have long fur. The softest part of him would be his head and ears.

Jack is house trained, but he doesn't always listen to directions. He doesn't like to share his food with other dogs. He is a good guard dog. He will eating flying bugs if he sees them in the ear. He will chase after squirrels. He doesn't like it when the outside dogs go inside our home. He will barks at strangers when they are too close to our door.

Jack makes for a nice cuddle buddy. He likes to sleep and lay down next to others. However, if someone calls his name he would be away in a second.

Jack is a pretty good size. I've grown to be comfortable around him. I used to be very afraid of dogs when I was younger.

If you ask me a year ago if I would ever have a house dog, I would immediately say no, but now I would change my answer to yes. Jack has fleas, which is unfortunate for him and we tried using some products. I find myself talking about Jack a lot. Yes, I like Jack.

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