Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scream Park California

I really wanted to do something spooky for Halloween. I spent some time surfing the internet to see what events were going on in Sacramento around Halloween season. Among one of the interesting things to do were going through Haunted houses. I found out about a few in the Sacramento area, but I decided to go with Scream Park.

Usually me and my siblings don't agree with the things we like to do. But, both Brandon and Cindy were interested in going to a haunted house.

When we arrived at the destination, it was an abandoned store or warehouse. The company rented out the building for the season. There was a concert going on and the line wasn't moving at the moment, so they can let the performs sing.While we were getting in line, one of the actors followed me and tried to scare me.

We did arrive 2 hours after it opened, so the line was kind of long. There was 3 haunted houses there and we had to go to them in order. The first one that we went to was the "Bad Acid Trip", which was in 3D. I remembered that haunted house the least because it was all a blur. I remembered that my brother got scared and screamed. I also remember that my brother was supposed to lead then I somehow ended up leading for a bit. The next haunted house was "Asylum". For this haunted house, we got the bring flashlights in. I think this was the most well decorated house as I felt the most terrified as I looked around. The last one we went to was "Mind of a Killer", which was based on a serial killer in Sacramento. While we were getting through the haunted house, my sister stepped on my shoe and I decided whether or not to go back to get it, but decided to get it. I thought it was kind of funny that when they told us to run, we ran. Also, since we ran we caught up with another group and that made it less scary.

Overall, the haunted house experience was pretty fun. I did get scared, but I think it was just enough. I was able to go to sleep alone at night and no tears or anything major. Just enough spook to remember that it's Halloween season.

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