Monday, October 6, 2014

Hiking in Hidden Falls, Auburn, CA

I first heard of Hidden Falls when I was discussing with one of my co-workers about hikes. Michael mentioned Hidden Fall in Auburn. I never been to that place so I was interested in going. We were originally going to go a few months ago, but it didn't happen until last Saturday.

I didn't want to drive, but Xeng offered to drive us there. Xeng wanted to leave before 7am, but Michael didn't arrive until after 7ish because he woke up pretty late. I was glad we left pretty early, especially since I usually leave around 9 or 10pm during my other hikes and I'm always the one driving.

Once we got there, we waited a few minutes for Xeng's friends. While we were waiting, we looked at the board, which showed a map. We also grabbed a few maps. I was surprised that they had them. I was also shocked that there were several trails we could take to get around the area. I'm used to going to places with only one trail to the destination and back.

I forgot which trail we took when we first started walking, But, I remember that it was pretty sunny and that there wasn't enough shade, nor was there much to see.

While we were looking at the map, I realized that I really want to go to the viewing dock. In order to get to the dock, we had to cross the bridge.

When we were walking on the trail, we noticed this stream and we went down and explored it.

I thought it was really nice. I should have explored it more. But, everyone else seemed like they were in a rush and wanted to leave early.

I think one of the cool things that I saw was a dog swimming in the water.

I realized too late that my camera's brightness was low. So, that's why some of my pictures turned out really dark.

We knew that the deck was pretty close and we found out that we were close to the waterfall. It was nice that there was a deck to to see the waterfall. We were glad that there was still water running, but we realized that there wasn't a lot of water.

After we were on the viewing deck, we wanted to walk more of the trail. We noticed another viewing deck and checked it out. I thought it was nice and we there no longer than 5 minutes because the rest of the group complained that it was too hot and no shade.

 After checking out the viewing deck, we walked down another trail. This trail, however, was much harder. We didn't realized it until we went through it. It was very steep and we kept walking up and down.

When we were done with the trail, I was relieved. It was hard and that meant it was so much closer to being done.

I thought that this hiking spot was great. It was well maintained and that there was also many trail. There are benches and a picnic table. Also, I thought that the bridges and the viewing deck were very nice and they were new.

I know we didn't see the waterfall last, but I wanted to put the waterfall last. I wished we were able to enjoy the view longer, but Xeng's friends were on a rush. They seemed on a rush during most of the hike. It sort of reminded me of me since I sometimes try to finish the hike first. I feel that this hike made me realize that I rush too much in life and that sometimes I just need to slow down and enjoy.

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