Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6 Challenge: Top 5 favorite things to do

There's things that I like to do that are different from others. I feel that when I do things I love it doesn't have to be with anybody I know. All I care about is that people enjoy it as well. Here's a list of things I really enjoy doing in no particular order.

1. Ice Skating. I love ice skating and it's one of my favorite things about winter.
2. Spending time at the beach. I been to the beach so many times this year and I enjoy all of the times. I dont even go in the water sometimes. But, I just love being there and enjoying the environment.
3. Eating. I like eating in nice restaurants, cuisine I haven't had before, and satisfying my cravings. I also enjoy picnics and BBQ's.
4. Traveling. I love traveling. There's places that I always want to see and experience.
5. Playing games. I like playing games with friends and family. Playing games is a good way to better understand people and how they work. Also, a good way to develop strategies and understanding rules.

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