Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 31 Challenge: Inspired by the song unicorn zombie apocalypse and that its a Halloween. Make a unicorn zombie apocalypse story.

I finally reached the last blog post of this 31 days challenge and I'm so relieved! It was such a long month and not actually the best month either.

There was once a young little girl named Keila, who live in a small tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. In the island, there was a huge mountains with caves. However, the route to the caves were blocked off and no one was permitted access to them. One day, Keila and her friends were adventurous and decided to go up to the mountains and see how far each of them would go to prove their bravery. Keila and her friends found a way to cross the gate that blocked access to the caves. The next step in proving their bravery was to explore the caves. However, all of them were too reluctant to go inside. Throughout their lives, the children heard many horror stories of the caves and why they should stay away. One of the kids named Ritz, said "come on, if none of you can go in like me, then you are all chickens!" That statement made all the other kids adventurous and willing to go in, but still in fear. For the first few steps inside, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary until Ritz accidentally kicked a pebble to the wall. Then, all of a sudden they heard rumbling and a small creature came up and quickly ran to them. In response, the kids screamed and ran out of the cave and back to their homes as soon as possible.

All of the kids were wondering what that creature was since it was so unusual and they had never seen a creature like that before. After a few hours, the kids met up again to discuss what the creature was that they had seen. None of them dare to tell their siblings or other members of their family and the community. As darkness approached, everyone on the island heard a terrible roar and loud clashing, which caused the community to get together on the beach to figure out where the noise was coming from. All of a sudden, a big bird looking creature came flying to all of them. The whole community was either muttering, screaming, or jumping out of surprise. Finally the big bird stopped right next to a palm tree to snack on a bird. When the big bird stopped and landed everyone realized that the big bird had wings, like a unicorn. But, the unicorn was black and it looked like it been killed. Suddenly, more of the black unicorns came to snack on birds. The community leader, Szam determined that the black unicorns were like unicorns zombies who likes to snack on birds. Szam wondered why the unicorn zombies came from and they led him to look at the caves on the mountains. Szam realized that the caves had been explored and that there were hundreds of unicorn zombies flying all over the island in search of food. Everyone was frightened that one of them may be snacked on instead of birds. The sky was usually blue on the island, but became black. The zombie unicorns made louder noises and began to damage the buildings and began attacking islanders who had food. Realizing that there is no place on the island to escape the zombie unicorns, the community realized it's worst nightmare. The horror has arrived.

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