Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 18 Challenge: Name 5 people who majorly influenced or helped you out throughout life.

My mom played a major part in shaping who I am today. There's been several times when she made me angry, but also she pushed me to try harder and better myself in so many ways. Unknowingly, she also led me to want to move away.

One person who helped me a lot is Jodi. She helped tutored me in math and chemistry in high school and I will always be forever grateful for it. She urged to always try my best and showed me how to do things.

I have to say that Chen has helped and influenced me a lot. I would say that we share similar goals and she also encourages me.

My baby sister might just be a baby, but she also helped me out in life. She helped me out in little things mostly. She also gave me lots of smiles and happiness.

I guess someone I have to say is my dad. My dad is one of the most disadvantage people I know, yet he seems to be the most happy out of anyone else I know. So, he is inspiring to me because he encourages me to reach for the best and to aim for happiness.

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