Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16 Challenge: Things you always wanted to do, but never had a chance to do.

I been meaning to go to San Luis Obispo for a while now, but I haven't got the change to go. Ever since I first went to San Luis Obispo in high school I fell in love with it. I liked the town and it seems like a great place to just relax. I was going to go in April or March of this year, but then there was trouble with getting enough people and then it never fell through.

I always wanted to go to Italy. It's like my life long dream. I have to go there one day. I just have to.

I been wanting to get a good start on my career. I feel that I do try, but there are always times when I just want to give up. But, I still have to do my best to make it happen.

I been meaning to go to Chicago for the longest time. I think I feel in love with Chicago when I was in college and I wanted to go there ever since.

I always wanted to write a story about my whole life, but I never got around to it. I think working on it will take a lot of patience and a lot of alone time.

I been wanting to wear more of my clothes that I bought. I like a lot of them, but decided not to wear them because there's not an occasion or special reason to wear them.

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