Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15 Challenge: Compile a childhood toy, something you cant leave the house with, something you have in your car, a photo, random object, and an outfit.

Throughout my childhood, I had lots of toys that came and go. But, there was also toys that I managed to take care of and still have today. I cherish them because I liked them back then and I still like them. Just like photographs, I keep them for memories.

It's kind of funny how I don't leave home without my cellphone. 10 years back, I didn't even have a phone. But, now I need to know what's going on at all times. I need to constantly check my email, social media, and always be there if there's a phone call I need to answer.

I try to leave stuff in my car that I might need. For example, if I'm at the beach I might need a chair or a frisbee. I like leaving my sports stuff in my car in case I'm ever with friends and they want to play.

 I looked at this photo this morning. The photo is very old now. I've grown and it's kind of funny seeing pictures of me and my siblings when we were kids.

My random object is my Panasonic video camera. This camera is great for close ups. I've even used it to take some photos. The bad thing about it is it can't zoom, so whatever is far away is a blur. I used to use it a lot through my last year of college.

I choose a skirt for the bottom part of this outfit because it was the first thing that stuck out to me while I opened my closet. I wasn't sure what topped that what match it best. But, I definitely had black in mind. I eventually stuck with the black shirt. It looks much nicer when its on though.

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