Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1 Challenge: Your main goals in life, dreams, and passions, and expectations

When I first thought of this challenge, I thought that I was going to be able to write so much for it and be one of my longer posts. But now that I actually have to think about it and write about it, it's not actually that easy. When I write these goals, I have in my mind that they have to be huge decisions. Decisions that are either life altering or can really change me.

Ever since I can imagine my goal in life was to go to Italy and more specifically, Rome. I think I fell in love with it because of its medieval history. I always loved learning about Roman history. And, of course, I love Italian food and culture. As I grew older, more destinations hit wishlist: Austria, Germany, Sweden, and many more. In my junior year of university, I ended up studying abroad in China because my mom said she would help out of paying for some of it, so I couldn't give up the opportunity to travel abroad. Reflecting back on the study abroad experience, I realized that I really do love traveling because of what it does to me and the experiences I face while I'm at each destination. I definitely didn't expect to come back with permed hair and wearing all Chinese style clothes(I mean Chinese brands, not cheongsams!) when I came back to America, but by the time I came back I knew that I was used to the lifestyle there of always being a rush, getting used to bargaining, and being in a crowd. I like that I change, grow, and learn when I'm out of my boundaries.

I feel that as I grow up, I have different goals in my life. My lifetime goal will always be to travel. But, I had a goal when I was in high school and then one while I was in college. When I was a senior in high school, I realized that I was actually able to go to an actual university when I turned in my application to a Sacramento State University representative and he said "alright, you are in". That was the moment when I realized that some many people in my life been both putting me down the whole time and encouraging me. By that I mean, basically of my family told me that I wouldn't ever get into any college since I wasn't smart enough and I believed them. Even though I believed them, I still wanted to do whatever I could to make my life successful, so I tried to do my best in school. After being offered admission into Sacramento State, I realized I had the opportunity to do reach out for bigger opportunities, such as other California State Universities, as well as the UC system, so I tried and I was admitted to a few of them.

Once I was in university, I learned that many people doubted my success in a university because they still didn't think I was smart. I also doubted myself because I was really at a disadvantage since I only ever took one AP class in my whole high school career. However, I was overly excited and ready for the university years of my life and I wanted to do whatever was possible to succeed. There was a course that I took that was not required, but helpful for Freshman and it was through that course that I gained the majority of my motivation to succeed and fear to fail in any of my courses. And, that's what I did. I didn't fail any classes and I remained self-motivated throughout my 4 years there.

Now, I'm in the period of my life, where I'm at my latest and the most rigorous goal of all. I been trying to land a State job for the longest time. It certainly hasn't been easy. There's been many points, in which, I felt depressed, sorrow, and just negative thoughts. But, along the way, I gained some valuable connections and some people who have truly wanted to help me. I've had people look through my resume, gave me brilliant pointers, and just today I went through a mock interview with people who work in HR. I'm not weighing whether or not the pros out weigh the cons, but I am always looking back on what I can always do to continually improve myself and what I can do to make my current major goal happen.

There you have it. My passion, dream, and major goal in life is to travel, especially to those places that I have learned so much of its history, culture, and food. My high school goal was to do well and to get into a university, which I accomplished. My university goal was to pass all my courses, which I managed to accomplish as well. My current major goal is to land a state job, so good luck to me.

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