Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lessons learned from Las Vegas

Before I went to Las Vegas, I did not know much about it. I mean I know I did some research about what to do and where to visit. But, what I didn't realize until I visited was that most of Las Vegas is a gamblers paradise. The strip is essentially consist of hotels, casinos, and restaurants. I was kind of surprised I didn't think too much about it. I wouldn't say Las Vegas is one of my favorite places, but it's certainly an experience. Whenever I go anywhere, I do expect experience of some kind, whether is a culture shock, great food, history lesson, etc...

I learned that the strip is a center for money to be won, spent, and loss. Lots of money are won in the casinos, but also a lot is loss. Lots of money are spent in restaurants and local attractions, which helps boom the strip by providing jobs to locals. But, all in all, Las Vegas benefits from all the losses, wins, and other ways that money are spent. It gains a lot of tourists. And, what do tourists do? They spend money in Las Vegas at the restaurants, hotels, and souvenirs.

I also learned that there are things I like to see when traveling. For example, I like to see beaches, the city at night, and nice buildings or architecture. I also realized that I really appreciate originality. I know that the Caesar hotel in Las Vegas has a replica of the coliseum and statues of Caesar and the fountains. I think it's nice to look at and fitting to resemble the originals. But, I think there's something special to seeing original work. I mean after all, I guess that's why people are more excited to see the Roman coliseum in Rome and not the ones in Las Vegas, China, and other places.

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