Saturday, September 6, 2014

Las Vegas Souvenirs

When I knew I was going to go to Las Vegas, I knew I had to bring souvenirs back. Most of my friends would most likely not have a chance to go to Las Vegas in the future, so I wanted to at least bring a piece of it back for them. 

I certainly didn't know much about Las Vegas until I traveled there, but I did know about some popular souvenirs. Among the popular ones were keychain, shot glasses or cups, and dice. And, yes, I purchased all of those and more.

When I was in high school, I went to Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo, CA. While I was there, I had the opportunity to shop for souvenirs. One of the items I decided to purchase was a t-shirt for my dad. My dad wore the t-shirt so much, it wore off. So, I know that a Las Vegas t-shirt for him is a must. Emily requested for a t-shirt so I had to get her one as well. Also, I thought a t-shirt would be a perfect souvenir for my friend.

I did end up getting the t-shirts at shops near my hotel. I bought two of the shirts at the small local store that advertised shirts "4 for $9.99". I was interested in that deal, but there wasn't that many selection of shirts I wanted there. But, I did end up getting 2 shirts for my brother and my friend for $2.99 each. I did see any girl shirts there for sale, so I decided to purchase Emily's shirt at ABC stores. 

Before heading to Las Vegas, I wanted to do some research of some must get souvenirs and glass or cups were among one of the items on the list. I wanted to get a unique cup to bring back home with me, but also one that wasn't a gigantic size or that expensive either. I found out about the cups at the Paris hotel, so I wanted to get one of those. There's a cup that's a see through Eiffel tower and there's also a Paris porcelain cup. I decided to get the Paris porcelain cup because it was more unique. I got the cup with a drink, but the drink wasn't good, so I dumped all of it out.

One of the souvenirs from Las Vegas that I really wanted to get was a shot glass. More specifically, I wanted a shot glass that had text relating to girls having fun, such as "girls night out". I tried looking for one of those shot glasses at Bonanza, but couldn't find the type I was looking for though. There were many other selections I could have chose from at Bonanza and I got 2 there. I did end up getting the type of shot glass I wanted at a small local store. I wanted a shot glass specifically for myself, but I got 2 extra, so I think I might end up giving those two to my friends. 

While I was at Bonanza, I also looked for other gifts besides shot glasses. Bonanza considers itself as the "world's largest gift shop," so I explored and tried to get something out of the box while I was there. I ended up getting some keychains, so I can easily give those to a few friends. I also got 2 small bells there that includes a rotating dice, which I thought was pretty cool. I think my favorite idea that I purchased there was a small decorative glass case.

There's the Hershey's store in Las Vegas, as well as Coca-Cola and M&M. I thought that there was a good possibility that I would get a souvenir at one of those spots. I didn't want to buy chocolate though because it would melt and Las Vegas is pretty hot. There were cool chocolate souvenirs I saw though, like the biggest Hershey's bar, statue of liberty chocolate, and different flavored chocolates at the candy stores. When me and Chen browsed through Coca-Cola, we noticed a spot that we can go and take pictures with the polar bear. There's a photographer there that will take a picture with a phone and another photographer taking photos you can purchase upstairs. I ended up getting pictures from both my phone, as well as purchasing additional photos.

Before leaving Las Vegas, Chen wanted to get a gift to Natalie, so we tried browsing through the candy shops, but decided to get something for her at ABC stores. At that time, I thought I wasn't going to get anymore souvenirs. But, then, Chen pointed out the dice, which is like signature. I ended up purchasing 2 of them. Then, I noticed some glass figures of planes, heels, and cars and they were just so cute. I bought the plane. I thought I was going to stop there then I noticed really cute wine toppers. I purchased 2 of them. One of them was a glass figure of cards and the other was a skull. I thought they were very cute and unique.

I'm very happy with the souvenirs that I purchased. I purchased some classic gifts, as well as some unique souvenirs. There's some that I think are so cute, I don't ever want to give away. I gave some of the souvenirs away and my friends and family members were happy with me gifts, so I'm a happy camper. I think that shopping for souvenirs added to my experience there, which was a good experience. Not to mention, I can also make a huge scrapbook from the 300 photos I took from Las Vegas. Now, I can't wait until the next time I travel again!

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