Saturday, September 6, 2014

First night in Las Vegas, Nevada

I couldn't believe it. I was going to Las Vegas! I wasn't quite sure what to expect since it was my first time there.

I finished packing by Monday since my flight was on Tuesday. I was going to get there a few hours later after Chen since I decided to go to Vegas a few months after she booked her ticket I had to book mines separately. I had to take 2 flights to get to Las Vegas, which was kind of annoying. My first flight departed at SMF at 6:25pm and my ending flight arrived in Las Vegas at 9:30pm.

 The first thing I see when I walked out of Las Vegas was a slot machine. I thought that was cool for an airport. I knew I was definitely in Las Vegas then.

 When I first arrived in Las Vegas, I took the shuttle to the hotel. There were shuttle options, but the first thing I saw when I walked out of the doors was the Showtime shuttle and did not notice the Supershuttle to my right. The shuttle was very fast and the shuttle stopped at my hotel first.

When I arrived at the hotel, I met with Chen and we went to go eat at Earl's Sandwich place. It was one of the places I researched and I was interested in dining there. I liked my sandwich. I thought that it was good and it was enough food for me that night. I think I could have fit in dessert though.

After eating, me and Chen explored the strip a bit. I thought that the strip looked very pretty at night. I love looking at tall buildings and different bright colored lights.

I wanted to get the Paris souvenir cup that night because I didn't want to carry it around in the morning. I immediately noticed the bar that I was able to get the Eiffel tower cup, as well as the Paris porcelain cup. I decided to get the Paris porcelain cup because I found it more unique. I got it with the drink inside. but I didn't like it too much and dumped it all out.

I thought that the Paris hotel was very nice. It was beautifully designed and I appreciated the Paris replicas and other designs of the hotel. After exploring the Paris hotel, we decided to head back to get enough rest for the next day. I was quite excited to explore more of the strip.

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