Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final Day in Las Vegas

We finally reached the 3rd day of our mini vacation in Vegas. By now, we are very exhausted, but still eager to explore the city. I've also noticed that the only moments that I get a chance to drink a beverage is either when I'm in the hotel or in a restaurant. I seriously tried looking for a water fountain, but I didn't spot a single one. I think there were times when I might have been dehydrated, but I didn't stop to make a purchase of a beverage. At my hotel, they have an ice vending machine, which is cool. I do like drinking ice with my beverages since it makes it feel refreshing.

I also noticed that Chen and her family has a much smaller appetite than me and eat maybe 2 times a day and I also kept in mind brunch was at 2pm. I did not want to wait until 2pm again until I can eat. So, before I went to sleep I decided to wake up earlier than usual just to get some pastries at Starbucks. I set my alarm around 7am, but I didn't think I would be able to wake up, but I did. At Starbucks, I purchased a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate croissant and milk with ice. Yes, I asked for ice in my milk because I love the feeling of cold drinks. I decided to finish the chocolate chip cookie and the milk before I headed out.

Chen and I were suppose to wake up early again to go swimming, but Chen wasn't ready to wake up and told me to go ahead. Instead, I decided to go explore other parts of the strip that I didn't have a chance to go to yet. I left a note for Chen that I would be back by 8:45am since I left my phone to charge and would only be bringing my Ipad to take photos. During my solo exploration, I checked out Tropicana, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, New York New York, and MGM Grand. I also had the opportunity to purchase the t-shirts for my family and friend. At a small souvenir shop, I finally found the type of shot glass I wanted to get. After some souvenir shopping, I realized that I might be 10 minutes late, but Chen would probably still be asleep.

While I was on my solo exploration, there was one thing that really freaked me out and doubt whether or not I would be able to further explore. There are some bridges that are designed specifically for pedestrians and it allows me to cross from one side of the street to another. It's wide enough for pedestrian crossing and reasonably stable. But, the thing is I'm afraid of heights. But, the bridge was the only way to get around, so I had to cross them by myself and think of other thoughts, so I wouldn't freak out.

When I was walking to Luxor and Manadlay Bay, I realized how far it was from my hotel and the rest of the places on the strip. I also noticed that there was no shade. I thought that area was a cool place to check out and I'm glad I made the trip there.

When I came back to the hotel, I woke up Chen because we were suppose to head out by 10am to buy tickets to see the O show. When we arrived at the booth, we immediately found out that they didn't have the show that we wanted to see and to purchase tickets at that time was practically double the price. Because of the circumstances, we eventually decided to watch either Jabbawockez or The Blue Man Group. Ultimately, Blue Man Group was chosen.

After purchasing the tickets for the Blue Man Group show, we browsed around Coca-cola world and the M&M store. I always like Coca-cola, so it was nice to get to the Coca-cola store. I considered getting a sweater, but decided not to get it. I was glad that I got to take a picture with the polar bear!

After Coca-Cola world, we headed right next door to the M&M store. The M&M store has 4 stories! There was lot of cute items in there and lots of things to take pictures with. I couldn't resist taking pictures with a few of them :).

While we were at the 4th floor, Ms. Green came and she was dancing with some staff and some other people joined in too.

We had to get ready for brunch after browsing through the M&M store, but while walking back I managed to get some photos of places around us.

I made some vines of places I saw while I'm in Vegas, but it's mainly just random stuff, like the beautiful ceiling in Caesar's Palace or the carousel at Wynn.

It would have been cool to visit the Pepsi store. But, I dont think there was one, so I didn't visit it.

For brunch, me and Chen took the monorail to the Paris Hotel and went to Mon Ami Gabi. I was quite excited to have brunch there. The place is right across from Bellagio and has a pretty decent view of the water show. For brunch, me and Chen shared a chicken and mushroom crepe, which was delicious. I had a hard time deciding whether I liked the crepe better at Mon Ami Gabi or La Crepe in Davis. We also ordered one of the steak frites. I found both dishes to be delicious. While we were there, we ordered the chocolate mousse. I like the chocolate mousse, but I thought that there were places in Sacramento that had better chocolate mousse.

After brunch, I wanted to explore The Wynn since I heard that it's very beautiful and has a lot to see. So, we walked pretty far and explored the Wynn, a bit of Palazoo and also walked through Fashion Mall for some time before we headed back.

When we walked back to the hotel, we had little time to rest since we had to rush to make it to the show, which was in Monte Carlo. We were early for the show as they only begun to let people in. Overall, I thought that the show was ok. I like the beginning part of it more.

After the show, we explored Hershey's and Reese's. I thought that some of the souvenirs were also cute, but I didn't buy anything. Our last stop was dinner, which was at Hard Rock Cafe. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that we can have a view when eating. It was definitely nice eating a good burger while watching Las Vegas night life.

I think that was the best way to end my night in Las Vegas. Just relaxing and thinking about what I have experienced while enjoying a meal with a beverage. Not to mention the view was great :).

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