Tuesday, September 16, 2014

End of Summer BBQ Potluck

Last Saturday, I held my end of the summer BBQ potluck. Most of the friends who came also came last time. In addition, some new friends and buddies came as well.

This time around, I was able to get a new location, which was better in terms of what the site had to offer. But, the site was far from the parking lot and it was very hot. We had to make a few rounds to carry all the stuff to the site and I actually stopped a few times since I got tired real fast. I realized I forgot some stuff this time and I went to get it back. But, then later I realized we also didn't have ketchup or barbeque sauce.

After we set up, Eric R and I practiced taking some panaromic photos. He actually taught me how to do it since I didn't really know how to do it beforehand. I think panaromic photos are pretty cool.

I think one of the frustrating parts of the event was telling everyone where we were located and to help them get there. The site it located in the middle of the park and I guess it can be confusing to those who don't frequent the area.

I'm glad that we got a all girls picture. I wanted to an all girls picture too, but all the guys were preoccupied most of the time and enjoying themselves. Most of us girls just stayed in one area and ate and played games.

My friends daughter accidentally threw my beach volleyball in the pond and I started freaking out. I barely used that ball and I didn't want to lose it. Eric S. was the first guy I saw that wasn't too busy, so I asked him to help. He went in the water a bit and then we one of the other guys told him to check how deep it was first before going further. I think Eric S. made waves to make the volleyball go back to us and Ricardo was talking to it like a dog to make it come back. It eventually came back and I was happy. Then, the guys realized that there was a beach volleyball net pretty close to where we were and went to play. I wanted to play too, but I didn't want to leave my other guests alone. The majority of the guys ended up play for 3 hours and they had a pretty good time.  When they came back they were all really thirsty, but not quite very hungry.

One of the ideas I thought of this time around was to make ice balloons to out in my cooler. I thought it was a good idea for me since my freezer only made a few. Ricardo thought that the ice balloons were cool and almost brought a few with him, but realized they were going to pop.

When the guys came back, they joined the rest of us who were playing the Apples to Apples board game. We were almost done with that game. Before we played Apples to Apples, I brought a game with me that I had to spend some time making. I first found out about the candy game through Pinterest and thought that it would be fun to play. I thought it was pretty fun, but no one seemed to like candy or I think it would have been more fun. After Apples to Apples, the guys played a game of Spoons, which Xeng demonstrated and played too. Last game of the day was Jenga. All of the games that the guys played, they all looked like they were having fun and intense moments.

After those games, I realized it was getting pretty dark and cleaned up a bit and ate some food. I realized that we finished a lot of the drinks that we brought or they were almost finished. The only one that wasn't opened was Pepsi. And if you know me, I'm a fan of Coca-Cola or I think I might have dranked some of it. We didn't have time to do s'mores, but I think I did a good job cleaning up after ourselves although it was kind of dark.

I had lots of fun at the BBQ potluck. I'm excited for the next one, but I might try to find a more convenient spot. Also, I will try to make more room for games and try to make the next one the best one possible. Hopefully, next time I will get to participate in some of the sport games too.

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