Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada

For my first day in Las Vegas, me and Chen wanted to go swimming early in the morning. Originally, we were going to go to the Grand Canyon tour, but the tour takes up a whole day, so we didn't choose to do the tour.

The both of us didn't end up getting out of bed until an hour after our alarm rang. I'm usually good at waking up right when my alarm rang, but I just turned mines off and went back to sleep because I was just tired.

Good thing, we both got up and ended up at the pool. It's always nice to be in a pool, especially in Las Vegas :).

After swimming, me and Chen met up with her mom and her mom's friend. We bought monorail tickets, so we wouldn't have to walk around as much. First, we headed to Monte Carlo since someone recommended a dining place to check out, but we didn't end up eating there. After checking out the food court at Monte Carlo, we took the monorail to The Quad/The Linq center and ate brunch at Hash House a go go. We didn't eat until 2ish and I was really hungry by then. It was recommended to share dishes at Hash House, so we split 2 dishes amongst the 4 of us.

I don't remember the name of the dishes I ordered. But, I thought it was really good. I dont have many brunch meals with meat and potatoes, so I like that.

After eating at Hash House, Chen headed back to our hotel to gather a few things before we headed out to see the Stratosphere. We took the monorail to the Stratosphere, which is the last stop on the monorail.

Ok, so we didn't end up touching or going as close as possible to the Stratosphere, but we saw it from a good distance. It's interesting to look at, but not the most amazing architecture. 

After reading reviews of souvenirs, I ran across recommendations to go to Bonanza for souvenirs, which is close by to the Stratosphere. Actually, Bonanza is closer to the monorail than the Stratosphere. It was a very sunny walk to Bonanza. The building looked very big from outside, but it wasn't as big as I imagined. I only ended up getting a few souvenirs for friends at Bonanza. After browsing through Bonanza, we headed back to the hotel and rest before we eat buffet food at MGM Grand.

I wasn't all too excited for buffet food even though I heard that there are some amazing buffets in Las Vegas. Even then, I had my doubts and I reviewed the ratings and photos on yelp and I don't know none of the dishes appealed to me. Anyways, after about an hour break we headed to the buffet after Chen's mom told us to hurry up because there was a line with a long wait. Since Chen's mom was already in line, we didn't have to wait to long. When we finally got inside, everything looked nice and organized. But, when I got to actually see what the buffet offered, I realized its just a regular buffet. As with every buffet, I grab only bits of items I think I will like because the chances of me not liking something is high and I don't want to feel bad about not finishing it. Also, I had to order soda because I believe it helps me digest or better enjoy what I put in my system in buffets. Overall, I liked the sesame chicken the first two times I had it. After the third time, I got tired of it.

For some reason, there's something about pretty desserts that make you want them. But the moment you have it, you realize how it's only just pretty and not tasty. I'm a big fan of chocolate, so you can sort of predict what I got from the picture above. Sadly, I didn't want to finish it. All of it tasted mediocre. Well, the only thing I liked from the dessert was the mint chip gelato, which was good.

After eating buffet food, we rode the monorail for a view of the strip at night, but it wasn't really scenic since we got the back view of everything. I think that the best way to grasp a view of the strip is simply to walk around and take it in moment by moment and finding that perfect spot. When me and Chen reached the Flamingo stop, we walked out and tried to go to Circus Circus, but we soon realized that it was pretty far from where we are at and decided to head back to the monorail.

I dont even remember the name of the hotel Chen and I went to to get a picture with this thing. I think it was supposed to say I <3 WESTGATE. So, it's the Westgate hotel?

We ended up walking around a lot that night and I took a lot of photos, but I'm not going to post them all on my blog since its over 300 of them on Facebook. Instead, I will post my favorites or one that will help add to the story I'm going to tell. One of the places I been to was Caesars Palace, which I thought was really nice. I enjoy walking through The Forum Shops although I knew I was going to purchase anything there.

I feel that Caesars Palace was one of my favorite hotels to visit during my trip. It had a lot to see even though some of the buildings may be replicas and weren't original. I always loved learning about Roman history and Italy was my #1 visiting spot when I was younger and it still is to this very day, which might also be why I liked Caesar's Palace.

Chen wanted to visit the Secret Garden at the Mirage. But, it was closed and you always have to pay a fee to go in, so boo :(. However, I did managed to capture a view of the waterfall and a cool looking dragon.

Chen has been to Las Vegas a few times before and one of the places she pointed out was the boats at the Venetian. I thought they were very pretty looking and it added a nice feel to the hotel. I guess since this hotel reminded me of Venice, I liked it.

After exploring the Venetian, me and Chen headed back after a long day of exploring. The next day would be our last day of our mini vacation. Although we might have explored many places in the strip, we certainly wasn't able to get through it in one day. But, we did managed to go through many spots and walked a lot, which I rate as good.

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