Sunday, September 28, 2014

31 Days Blog Challenges

The other day I was going through Pinterest and ran through 30 blog challenges. Then, I was inspired to make my own and do my own 30 day blog challenge. I looked through some 30 day blog challenges and a lot of them were good. But, there was still some stuff on the list that I didn't want to do. Also, I thought it might be fun to make up my own ideas. While I was thinking of challenges, I wanted to focus on challenges that required me to do a lot of writing versus media. Although I do love taking photos and making videos. The challenges ended up going to 31 since there are 31 days in October. Towards the end of the list, I added challenges that related to fear or Halloween. After I finished the list, I realized that it might be difficult for me to finish the challenges, so I'm looking forward to October and seeing which ones I can complete! I'm excited for the unicorn zombie apocalypse writing challenge.

1. Your main goals in life, dreams, and passions, and expectations
2. Describe 3 major events in your life and the importance.
3. What is something you and your family connect with and wished you did more of?
4. Favorites in media: favorite song, favorite movie, favorite show, etc...
5. Favorite holiday
6. Top 5 favorite things to do
7. Name 10 things you do now that you weren't doing 10 years ago and name 5 things you hope to do in 10 years.
8. All about blogging, why you blog, started, and continue to do it.
9. Name things that you wish you were better at.
10. Name some thoughts and perceptions of yourself and what you think of them.
11. Name some bad habits
12. What are some lessons you have learned in life?
13. What is something you always look forward to?
14. What is the last dream you had?
15. Compile a childhood toy, something you cant leave the house with, something you have in your car, a photo, random object, and an outfit.
16. Things you always wanted to do, but never had a chance to do.
17. What inspires you? Don't forget to add quotes or certain moments that trigger why they inspire you.
18. Name 5 people who majorly influenced or helped you out throughout life.
19. Name 5 things people dont know about you until they actually spend time you.
20. What would you do if you saw an unusual object, plant, or bug nearby?
21. What do you feel will never change or will take lifetimes of progress?
22. What are some things you think you would never do?
23. Name a reason why you can't fall asleep.
24. What is something you been hoping for the longest time?
25. What app do you think you will still be playing 5 years from now?
26. What do you think a lot the people in your life are afraid of or the most prevalent misconceptions?
27. If you were to be an animal, which one would you want to be and why?
28. What are things you do to avoid ghosts or monsters?
29. What is currently your greatest fear?
30. Name an event in life that scared you.
31. Inspired by the song unicorn zombie apocalypse and that its a Halloween. Make a unicorn zombie apocalypse story.

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