Friday, July 18, 2014

Walking through the UC Davis Arboretum

Yesterday,  I walked through the whole arboretum with Xeng. It was my first time ever doing it. I've walked it before, but not the whole thing. Before we walked to the arboretum, we grabbed pastries at Konditori.

I remember during my university days, I used to walk to In-n-Out Burger whenever I had a craving while studying. I would take the trail on the arboretum because it's a nice view and I think it was shorter.

The weather was pretty hot yesterday and I'm glad that we didn't go too late in the day. I saw some pretty nice collections, but I think my favorite was the Redwoods collection. It really made me feel that I was in a different place. I loved that there were picnic benches in the redwood collection. Maybe I will go there and have a picnic on day.

You saw that owl? Wait, I don't think it's an owl. But, its pretty freaky.

Among one of my favorite sightings yesterday was a cactus, a trunk, and the bridges.

While walking through the trail, I decided to create a montage video using the Montaj app. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience walking through the arboretum. But, I think one of the best times to walk through it is when its pretty cool and misty and after it rained. That way it wouldn't be so hot and I like how nature looks like when its been touched by rain.

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