Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paesanos and Mini Golfing with Xeng

A few weeks ago, I talked to Xeng about going mini golfing and she wanted to go, but she never been mini golfing before. We were going to go with other high school friends, but they couldn't make it.

Before mini golfing, we went to Paesanos for dinner. I really dont remember what the name was of the dish I ordered, but I enjoyed it.

We headed to Scandia after dinner to mini golf. It was still sunny when we first got there, but eventually it start to get dark. Too bad there wasn't a good view of the sunset there.

Scandia is right off the freeway. It's kind of enjoyable watching the cars pass by. I used to think that I might hit the ball in the freeway, but not anymore.

I used to think that mini golfing was hard or complicated. Turns out, it was just things I heard about it. It can actually be pretty fun. Some people think you need a big group for mini golfing, but I think more than 4 people is way too much. I mean, consider this, if regular golfing usually have around 2 people golfing there like in movies, why should there be more people in mini golfing than regular golfing? Also, there would be too long of a wait.

It took me and my friend close to 2 hours to get through all the courses and it seemed like we went through it pretty fast. I think part of the reason why was because we had to wait for the groups in front of us to finish first.

The other day, I was at Golfland Sunsplash and noticed that it is much more prettier and well designed at Golfland. Golfland also has a bunch of rules posted involving limit of people, rules of the game, and what not to do.

My friend enjoyed her first time mini golfing and she was glad that it wasn't intimidating because she thought everyone would be paying attention to her. But, no one really pays attention when people mini golf because they are doing their own thing.

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