Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Independence Day 2014

On July 4, 2014, it was the national holiday, Independence Day. It's usually one of my favorite holidays since my family takes it more seriously and we always end up getting good food and doing more fun things.

My mom prepared BBQ food the day before and my dad just grilled everything. By the time I woke up that morning everything was ready to eat.

As if I didn't have enough food that day, my friend also made me 2 tortas. It was very nice of him to make me tortas. It's not often friends make food for me.

Later on in the evening, me, my sisters, and my 2 cousins went to Elk Grove Park to watch the firework show. I wanted to go around 7pm, but my mom thought that was too early since it started at 9:30 p.m.. I didn't want to go around 9ish because that would be too late, especially since we don't know the area or what's the crowd is like at the park. So, we ended going around 8ish and we weren't even allowed to drive all the way to the Elk Grove parking lot, which was $10 for parking. My mom dropped us blocks away and it took us 15 minutes to walk to the park.

 While we were walking to the park, there was lots of people walking on both sides of the street.When we got to the park, there was lots of people. It was already pitched dark.

The firework show didnt start until after 9:30 p.m. The beginning of the firework wasn't that exciting, but I'm always happy to see fireworks.

I wished my phone had better quality of the fireworks show, but my phone doesn't have good lighting at night. There was many times during the show when I thought it was going to end, but it didn't, which I'm grateful for.

After the firework show, we walked back to the car and went to my cousins place to light the fireworks we bought.

We didn't get much fireworks this year, but I still enjoy having our own fireworks to light and view.

Morning glories aren't the most vibrant fireworks, but they are definitely the most fun to hold and mess around with.

We ended our firework show with Oblivion, which was a good ending as it lasted pretty long and was the best out of all the fireworks we bought. I wonder what's in store for next Independence Day. Maybe next year, we will get more fireworks :).

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