Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Sur + San Francisco with a NY Friend

A few weeks ago, I went to Big Sur and San Francisco since Lily was visiting from New York for a few days.

I met up Lily and Chen in Sacramento and we began our road trip to Big Sur. Since it was me and Chen's second time to Big Sur, we knew the area a little more and wanted to make more spots to see more of Big Sur.

One of the stops that we made on our way to Big Sur was the Monastery Beach. It's a very nice beach. It's that beach you can see when you drive by. When we got to this beach, there will a few others just sitting down and enjoying the view. I like this beach and I loved hearing its waves. I didn't go touch the water though since I don't really know to swim and the waves were pretty strong.

As I drove along Highway 1, there was another spot that I really wanted a photo of that I didnt get last time, which was the Point Sur Lighthouse. Actually, I didn't get a get good photo of the lighthouse itself, but I did get a photo of where the lighthouse is located. I found out that the Point Sur Lighthouse is actually haunted or considered one of the most haunted lighthouses in America. Also, there are tours for the lighthouse, but I'm not sure when. Also, I didnt see the road that takes us to the lighthouse, so I'm not sure how to get there, but it looks like people would have to drive up a narrow road to get to the lighthouse.

When I first saw the lighthouse location, I just thought it was some wealthy person secluded home. I didn't know it was a lighthouse because the lighthouse isn't noticeable unless you are much closer.

I'm so glad that we made more stops along the way. There were many spots that were simply stunning and offered great views.

I like this view with water, the mountain, and some green in it. It's just nice.

One of the destinations that my friend heard of at Big Sur was Pfieffer Beach and she wanted to go there. So, when we were on the way to Pfieffer Beach and passed the narrow road we were first glad that there were no cars around until we hit traffic. The traffic was so bad, especially since you are on a mountain with a very narrow road. I think the worst part of the whole traffic was that there were some cars parked on the side and that made it difficult for traffic to cross on both sides. I did not like the traffic at all.

When we got to Pfieffer Beach, there were lots of people there, which was why the parking lot was full. The parking lot had a 1 in 1 out policy since it was full.

The beach was very windy and the sand looked dirty since it was muddy and dark. It was also very windy, so there ended up being sand in my ears, neck, and hair, etc.

The last spot we made before leaving Big Sur is McWay Falls. McWay Falls is that spot everyone has to see if they go to Big Sur. The view is beautiful and you get a nice view from every angle. Even if you walk further along the trail, you will still get a great view. I love the color of the water and that its pretty clean.

When we got back, we were unsure of what to have for dinner. Then, I thought the idea of going to BJ's. Lily never been to BJ's before and there's none in New York, so it was a good choice. Lily also said that she thought the ribs were really good. I liked the ribs too and it was my first time trying them at BJ's.

The next day, my friends and I had breakfast at the hotel and then made our way towards 85 degrees bakery in Newark. I only got egg tarts since I knew I would be able to finish them. Next, we headed for Purple Kow in San Francisco. It was just great to get a good drink, especially since it was a long day yesterday. On our way to Purple Kow, a bee flew in the window and stayed there. Chen started freaking out, so I had to stop the car and get rid of the bee.

After Purple Kow, we headed towards Japantown. We checked out a few stores and the market and left to bring Lily to Oakland by 3:00pm. It was great seeing Lily again and maybe I can go to New York to visit here sometime soon.

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