Saturday, June 28, 2014

BBQ Picnic with Friends

On Saturday, June 14th, I had a picnic with friends and coworkers at Elk Grove Regional Park. Before the event, I wanted to plan as much as possible to ensure that there will be less to worry about during the event. I made sure to get all the supplies ready beforehand. My main concern was not running out of food, but I assume it wouldn't since its a potluck.

For the picnic, I wanted to do as much as possible. I wanted to have a BBQ, smores, and potluck. We also ended up playing some cards games, such as Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples. In addition, we also played soccer, frisbee, and football.

My friend Eric helped me out with the BBQ part of the picnic. He helped grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as doing a bit of setting up. Also, my friend Ricardo was there to help out as well.

The event started at 2pm, but I wanted to ensure that we not only had a spot, but a good spot, so I arrived at 12pm. We barely got a spot. Most of the spots were reserved. I originally wanted to reserved a spot, but I found out that they not only do you have to pay for a spot, but they are a minimum of $85!

Most of my friends didn't start arriving until after the event start time. But, it was nice that not everyone showed up at the same time, which makes it easier to spend some time with friends.

Not everyone felt like eating right away, so I decided to play some card games. We started off playing Apples to Apples. Then, my friend let us play his game, Cards Against Humanity.

My friend Lydia and Paduacee also helped with grilling. Lydia brought chicken, so she also grilled that. In addition, my friend Macy also brought chicken skewers.

It was nice playing Apples to Apples in a big group. I think its always interesting to see how other people think.

One of the parts of the picnic that I was really looking forward to was the smores. It was nice. I included Reese's as a subsitute instead of Hershey's, which I found out about on Pinterest.

I liked that almost everybody tried to get involved in a sport or card game. So, some of us were playing soccer, while others were playing frisbee and football.

The guys were surprised that I was able to throw a football and said that I can throw it better than them. Totally made my day :).

I think the only downside of the day was when my friend, Moua ran into a grill while trying to catch a football. I felt kind of bad about that.

While I was trying to take this picture, the ball was headed towards me, but it only hit my leg.

Towards, the end I was able to have a group picture of those who stayed until the end. I'm very happy with the turnout. I'm glad that all seemed to have a good time. I was surprised people didn't eat that much, but at least we didn't run out of food. This BBQ picnic is one of the best parts of my summer and I can't wait for the next picnic!

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