Thursday, June 5, 2014

Backstreet Boys Concert with Special Guest Avril Lavigne

On Saturday, May 24th, I went to the Backstreet Boys concert with a friend. It was my 2nd Backstreet Boys concert and definitely the better one out of the two.

The tickets for the show was much cheaper than the ones we got at the other concert. The other concert was in the smallest I ever been for a concert.

The concert began right on time. Avril Lavigne came out right at 7:30 pm. She was so tiny at my point of view. I was all the way in back where the lawn was, so I didn't get the best view of her. She did sound awesome though and sounded like herself. She played all the songs that I wanted her to play: "Girlfriend," "Complicated," "Happy Ending," and "Cheers to Never Growing up."

Since I was in the lawn area, there was space to bring lawn chairs or blankets. I think that was cool to just lay down on a map or sit on a lawn chair and enjoy music :).

It's funny that although everyone brought mats or blankets, everyone was up by the time the Backstreet Boys were performing.

I definitely liked the graphics and whatnot from this show. I actually think that their graphics and special effects was one of the best from all the other concerts I been to so far. For their song, "Show me the meaning of being lonely," they had the moon come down or the sunset, which was very fitting with the song.

For this concert, they played way more songs and I enjoyed it more. Throughout most of the time, I was recording videos of their performances. I loved that in the middle of the show they stopped to do an acoustic version of some of their songs. I also liked that throughout the show they would talk to the audience, which really does make the audience feel more connected to them. I'm definitely glad I went to this concert. It was a good one :).

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