Monday, April 28, 2014

What do I share with the world?

A long time ago, when I ran out of ideas for this blog. I was searching and reading articles or other blogs. Somehow, someway, I came across a few interesting questions that I feel I would love answering. However, I did not feel like answering the questions at that particular moment, so I saved them as a draft until I came up with the moment when I was inspired to answer one of those questions.

So, today, I finally finished answering one of those questions.

"If you weren’t waiting to be good enough, smart enough, skilled enough or rich enough — what would you share with the world?"

I'm not particularly any of those. I have never defined myself as the person who was "good enough, smart enough, skilled enough or rich enough". For me, I'm always reaching out to improve myself and to better understand the world. I feel that through trying to improving myself I'm not only helping myself, but also others.

I feel that I do work "hard enough", if given the opportunity, so I will contribute by trying to do my best to complete my work. Some people don't think about it too often, but things that people do are being listened or being paid attention to by others. So, if I work "hard enough" often I can inspire maybe just one or a few to work "hard enough" as well. Also, if I am working "hard enough" I'm sharing with the world that I'm willing to provide my best effort in making improvements and doing my best to provide the best quality.

My curiosity has allowed me to connect more surroundings, but also a yearning to understand the world and its mysteries. Through my curiosity, I want to imagine, think outside the box, and explore places I have seen on Pinterest or other places and are far away. What I do with my unique experiences is I share them through my social media and my blog. I share stories that help make people understand, feel, and think. I have also noticed that the little bits of knowledge that I have gained about Davis or Sacramento has made some people's lives just a bit easier when I can tell the person one little detail. Moreover, I see my contribution as being one of those people who keep people informed and give them ideas or inspiration. I see my curiosity as something that is positive and makes me happy, so its good to share that (happiness) with the world.

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