Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Natural Bridges State Beach & The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz

On President's Day, me and a few friends decided to head down to Santa Cruz. It was my second time going to Santa Cruz. The drive there was shorter than I remembered.

Our first destination was Cafe Brasil. I love that cafe. It has a great menu and I like their food. I ordered the Chicken Delight again and got a guava shake. This is the only place I found that offers guava shake or guava juice, which I love!

After eating at Cafe Brasil, we went to Natural Bridges State Beach. I definitely wanted to go to a beach while I was still in Santa Cruz, but didn't want to go to boardwalk again since I already been there. We did try to go to the boardwalk again, but we ran out of time.

There were more people in the beach then I had expected. Maybe it's because I usually go to the beach later on in the day.

What attracted me to this beach was the rock formation! I loved that the beach had it!

Yes, that's me on the rock. I was brave enough to go on it and for a picture. I wish I had taken more photos, but wasn't aware that my friend wasn't screaming at me to do more poses.

After we went to Natural Bridges State Beach, we headed to the Mystery Spot. Once we reached the Mystery Spot, we had no reception, so I was unable to check in on Foursquare or use my data at all.

As part of our tour, we went inside this house. When you are inside, you can take some pretty cool photos. Among one of the things you saw in the house was this picture below.

This ball was one of the demonstrations used as part of the tour. I will leave out why it was part of the tour.

The tour guide we had for the tour was very good. He was friendly and humorous. He made a lot of jokes during his presentations. During one of the demonstrations, he ended up picking me as one of the people to help demonstrate something.

Lastly, we ended the day with food. We first got bakery at 85 degrees C bakery in Newark, CA. Afterwards, we ate dinner at OZ Korean BBQ in Elk Grove.

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