Monday, February 3, 2014

Ending my Gaming Addiction

I finally came to the point in my life, in which, I realized I had to stop playing Clash of Clans. I stopped playing the game for over 2 weeks now. Firstly, I started by saying goodbye to all the clan members. Then, I stopped attacking and going on as frequently until I finally stop going on the app at all.

I know I said it before that it was hard to leave because of my commitment to my clan and how much I wanted to help them. Also, I wanted to keep building up my base and made it as strong as possible. But, what I realized was that I had spend too much of my time building a game and clan in the virtual world. There's so much in my life now that needs major development and what I need to do is work on them. I need to accomplish goals in my life. I need to work towards getting into a career that I enjoy and want. I must spend the time that I used on the game on life development and improving myself.

It was super hard to let go. But, knowing that I am working towards something good helped me let it go.

I learned a lot from playing Clash of Clans. So much so that I could have made a tutorial on attacking, base building, and so on, but I never attempted. Now that I have distanced myself from the game, I must make the things I do worth my time.

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