Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Pinterest Inspired Projects

For my Bucket List of 2014, I decided to do at least 5 DIY Pinterest projects. I decided to put that in my bucket list because I surfed through Pinterest several times before and Pinterest has many interesting images. There were many things that I not only wanted to make or eat, but go travel to just because I saw it on Pinterest. So, I made it a goal to get one of those things done.

One of the first things that I decided to make was "Fairies in a Jar". It looked so beautiful in the pictures that I saw on Pinterest that I decided that I wanted to make it. All I needed was a few simples items in order to do the project.

When I first attempted to do the project, I put too much dark glitter which didn't go well with the glow and did not work out as much. So, when I tried again the second time I used a lighter colored glitter and added more glow, so the jar would really glow.

My second DIY project was actually inspired by a cute scrapbook note. DIY does mean Do it Yourself after all, so I decided to make my own version of the note that was very similar to what I saw on Pinterest.

Among one of the awesome projects I saw on Pinterest was the "Lollipops in a stick". I thought that it was very cute and simple. I automatically decided that I wanted to do the project. When I first did it, I thought I had enough Lollipops, but I didn't! I believe there's over 100 lollipops in ball! Also, I think this is my most succesful DIY project!

All Pinterest projects look so beautiful. I guess that means that people aren't really a fan of posting their failures. When I attempted the crayon art project, I imagine that all the crayon wax was going to come down slowly in one line. But, I ended up messing up when the blowdryer blew all the colors in the middle and spread them around. I also should have chosen only a few colors.

My last project was inspired simply by seeing a project that had two stamped thumbprints on piece of paper, which was most likely used for a card. I thought it was simple and cute. I decided to do the project and wanted to use my thumbprints to make a heart. Hmm.. maybe I should have decorated it more?

After completing these projects,  I was really happy that I did them all. But, I did have a headache after finishing them. Through browsing through Pinterest to look for more DIY projects, I found myself also interested in making Pinterest inspired meals. I was also inspired to go to places that looked amazingly beautiful on Pinterest!

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