Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Day in Half Moon Beach & San Jose

A few weekends ago, I decided to go to the Bay Area and hang out. I wasn't sure of where to go at first because I pretty much seen most of SF and been to other parts of Bay Area already.

My friend told me she really wanted to go to Half Moon Bay, so we decided to go there. When we arrived, parts of the beach were flooded from the other day when the waves were too big. In the image above, this is where a stair leads to the beach, but it was too flooded to go down this route.

I ended up going down this hill in order to go down to the beach. However, on the way back to my car I found a easier route!

I have to say going to the beach was the best part of the day! I tried to be more adventurous by touching more of the water although it was cold. One moment I wasn't really paying attention and I go splashed with so much water.

Our next stop was the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose. There was a parking fee for the parking lot at the park, so we decided to park on the street. However, it was about a 15 minute walk to the park!

The pond didn't have much water, but it was a rather big pond.

While walking through the park, me and my friends discovered this donation dispenser. You can get a coin to spin by first putting it on the glass and watching how fast it can go in the hole, which was pretty cool to watch. The money goes towards the garden.

Next, we went to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.

The fountain was really nice to look at. It's a perfect spot to just relax and read a book or look at nature.

I was really excited to go here because I was really looking forward to seeing some beautiful roses. However, when we went all the roses were cut off and weren't growing at the moment.

Before we left the Bay Area, we went to Bambu in San Jose. I love that place! And, afterwards we went to 85 degrees bakery again. That was a fun weekend!

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