Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Slam 2013

About a few weeks ago, me and my friend attended Santa Slam 2013, which featured Backstreet Boys and The Fray in Aces of Spades in Downtown Sacramento. The Aces of Spades has got the be the smallest venue ever for a concert, especially for the Backstreet Boys and The Fray. I came to the venue early because I knew there was going to be a line. I probably arrived sometime before 6. However, the venue was scheduled to start at 7pm. As I went to the line, I noticed that at least 90% or more of the people standing in line were females. The line was pretty long. I think the venue didn't have the most accommodating way of letting people in. That being said, me and my friend didn't get to go inside the venue until much later after 7pm and there was still a lot of people behind us. After we got inside the venue, we noticed that it was very small inside with lots of people already in. Since all the tickets were floor, we just had to stand there without much room. The people in front us was very tall, so since I was short I had only mere glimpses of the stage and anyone else on the stage, which was why I didn't post any pictures for this blog post.

There wasn't anyone opening up for the Fray and the Backstreet Boys. So, The Fray came out and gave a great performance. The Fray's performance was about an hour long or so. They played all their popular songs and some new ones. After The Fray, it was about 30-45 minutes for the Backstreet Boys to finally come out. By that time, the venue was very crowded and my friend wanted to leave before the Backstreet Boys came out, but I wanted to see the performance. Before the Backstreet Boys came out, I agreed to go in the back of the crowd since it was very crowded in front and didn't want to be squished much. Nonetheless, during Backstreet Boys performance so people were leaving and I was squished and pushed as they made there way out. Backstreet Boys played a few of their popular songs and some new ones. The Backstreet Boys played "Quit playing games with my heart," "I want it that way", etc, and they ended with "Everybody Backstreets Boy Back," which was really the best part of the whole night. I was hoping there performance be longer than The Fray's performance, but it wasn't.


  1. I hope it was still good! They probably sold more tickets than they should have it seems like.

    1. Yeah, the show sold out on the first day!