Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Visit to Santa Cruz

A few weeks ago I drove to Santa Cruz. I always wanted to go to Santa Cruz and was finally able to do so then.

The first place we went to when going to Santa Cruz was Cafe Brasil. I looked over yelp reviews and it seemed really good, so I knew we had to check it out.

When I got there I ordered guava juice and Liz ordered a guava smoothie.

I dont remember the exact name of what I ordered, but its a delicious chicken sandwich with a small salad.

When we first arrived in University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), we saw some deer right away. I thought it was pretty neat since in Davis we would always see squirrels instead.

There were deers all over campus. I think they were used to seeing people all the time because when me and my friends went to take a picture of them, they just stood their ground.

I was surprised that UCSC was so forestry. That campus is a hiking campus. Even their campus maps include the extra time it would take to go to places because of the hills.

The student community center area.

We visited a lecture hall!

We also visited UCSC's main library, which was called McHenry Library. One place I have to go at every university is their library. I love comparing libraries to UC Davis library. McHenry library was very student oriented and was very new inside, despite looking very out from outside. I feel that McHenry library served students needs well since there was an inside restaurant, comfy sofa seats all around, and many places for group and individual study. At UC Davis, you would have to walk out of the library to grab something to eat at a restaurant or whatnot, which is inconvenient.

We are still on campus, but check out those hills!

At the hills, looking at the UCSC campus.

After touring some parts of UCSC, we headed to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  We parked in the parking lot, which was free!

A view of the beach. Since it was winter and night time, there were less people around when we arrived.

The sun is about to set at the beach!

Most of the rides were closing since there wasnt many people around. But, I was just primarily interested in playing around on the beach :).

I can cross of Santa Cruz from my bucket list now :).


  1. i wish the drive to santa cruz wasn't so scary!

    1. the drive back home in the dark was scarier than the ride there.