Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mission Peak Hike

Over a month ago, me and a few friends went to Mission Peak in Fremont to hike. Mission Peak is a pretty popular spot to hike.

The hike took less than 2 hours for me. I didnt rest more than 5 minutes. Usually around 1 minute or so and kept going. I went ahead of my friends that I hike with and waited in the top for an hour for them.

I think this is the least photogenic hike I have ever had. Besides the view of the bay area, there wasnt much to see when you hiked up. Even the mountain wasnt that green, so there wasnt much flowers or plants around. Although there was cows around and supposedly snakes.

There were cows and houses on the mountain!

I think the hardest part of the hike is at the end. In which, there are 2 big hills. After those hills, you are on the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain is very cold.

That's the pole that symbolizes that you hiked Mission Peak. I took a few pictures with the pole.

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