Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Honda Civic Concert in Wheatland, CA

Back in October, me and my sister attended the Honda Civic tour that had Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, and Rozzi Crane as the performers this year. As soon as I found out Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5 were going to be there, I knew that I had to go. As I checked the prices, the floor prices seemed decent, so I bought me and my sister floor tickets.

On the day of the event, we showed up about 2 hours early for the event, but there was already a line. Although the show started at 7:00pm, the doors didn't start opening until around 6pm. The venue seemed like a deserted area, but definitely had room the expand if they wanted to.

Once we entered the doors, we were free to buy some drinks or food. But, instead, me and my sister decided to stand in line and wait in the area where the performance was going to be at.

We were very close to the stage. It was the gates, about 2 rows in front of us, and then it was us. It took the longest time for the show to open.

When Rozzi came out, I surprised that she was a girl. But, I was more surprised of how good her singing was when she first sang. I love her song, "Crazyass Bitch".

Next performer to come out was Kelly Clarkson and I was so excited to see her. I really wanted her to win American Idol and I loved most of her songs. Her opening song was "Stronger (what doesn't kill you)". Before seeing her perform "Stronger" live, I didn't like the song, but after hearing and seeing how she performed the song made me love the song now. Kelly Clarkson sounded exactly like she does on radio and on American Idol. She was really good.

Maroon 5 was the final performance and everyone was just so excited to see him come out. When Adam Levine finally came out, he opened up with "One More Night". He was a very passionate singer with great moves. When he performed some songs, he didn't sing it exactly like it was on the radio, but added his own twists and such. Just when we thought the concert might have been over, Maroon 5 came back out, they performed "Payphone". I'm glad that I knew just about every song, except that song from their first album.

I loved that concert. That has got to be the best concert I have been to yet. I got to see a few of my favorite artists and the opening was good. Also, I was in a good spot for the concert.

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