Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Lights in Sacramento

For Christmas eve, me and a few friends decided to go see Christmas lights. There isn't many places that are decorated during Christmas. Janet sent me a list of places to go see Christmas lights and we went to those place, plus another place.

We went to the State capitol first to take a picture with the tree. We wanted to go inside too, but it was closed.

Next, we went to see lights at Land Park. A lot of the house had decoration, but it was quite a walk. Then, I remember the place my mom took me and my siblings one Christmas season and decided to go there.

So, we arrived at T street. My friends really like the decorations in this street. I liked that such a small neighborhood decorates every year and it looks really nice.

As we were walking around the houses, this truck came by that was decorated in lights. It was pretty cool.

Next, we headed to River Park. There were some decorations, but not all in the same area, so I just drove by some houses.

So, we went to Fab 40s as our last stop. We heard many good things about the neighborhood and that it was a good place to look at Christmas lights.

The long line of cars at the Fab 40s. There were some streets with just cars driving by slowly in traffic. I managed to go to one of the street with less traffic, parked, and walked around to see the lights.

I didn't know Santa could play the piano!

It's a Christmas Story!

Christmas Future!

Got to love that Flying car.

 Someone fell while setting up Christmas lights! haha. I love this decoration.

I saw many peace Christmas decorations in the Fab 40s, but this was the biggest one I saw.

So,  that pretty much concluded our tour. We started around 6pm and ended around 9pm. We went to 5 neighborhoods in Sacramento.


  1. can you send me the list please? i love going to look at lights!

    1. Yes, I sent you a list the other day :).