Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2003 and 2013

Originally,  I wanted to make a very long listing when I first started this, but as I started doing this I realized it was going to take much needed research if I wanted a longer list.  Not that I didn't mind doing research and digging through all my old files, clothes, and other items to remember information from both 2003 and 2013, but rather, I lacked the time to accomplish a longer list.

As I developed the list, I realized that much has changed since 10 years ago. But, I feel that most things have changed for the better. Also, there have been new added aspects of my life that wasn't there 10 years ago.

2003                                                                         2013
President: George W. Bush                                      President: Barack Obama
I was in middle school                                              I'm not in school anymore
Depression consumed me                                         Uncertainty and roadblocks block me
Concerns: grades & college                                      Concerns: getting good job & paying off car
Blog: Xanga                                                              Blog: Blogger
Never had an all nighter                                            Had many all nighters
Never seen a movie in theaters                                 Have a list of over 100 movies watched in theaters
Roadblock: math                                                       Roadblock: interviews
Transportation: moms car &school bus                    Transportation: my car, moms or bros car
Dream Vacation: Italy                                               Dream Vacation: Austria
Siblings: 2                                                                  Siblings: 3   

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