Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hiking in Napa

Me and a few friends decided to go hiking a few weeks back. I been hiking with them before, but to different locations. Our last hike was in Napa, but we went to go see Lake Berryessa and is surrounding areas.

Parking lot view
This was my first view of Lake Berryessa that day.

 When my friends told me they saw a lizard, I was really expecting something much bigger than this one. But, I like this one :).

This is another view of Lake Berryessa. I really like taking pictures with the sun in it.

There was so much graffiti on this bridge, but I thought it was kind of interesting.

Another view of the bridge.

A bigger view of the bridge. And yes, I did drive on the bridge to get there and to go back.

A really big boulder that two of my friends decided to climb on.

Two of my friends on a really big rock.

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