Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hiking in Napa

Me and a few friends decided to go hiking a few weeks back. I been hiking with them before, but to different locations. Our last hike was in Napa, but we went to go see Lake Berryessa and is surrounding areas.

Parking lot view
This was my first view of Lake Berryessa that day.

 When my friends told me they saw a lizard, I was really expecting something much bigger than this one. But, I like this one :).

This is another view of Lake Berryessa. I really like taking pictures with the sun in it.

There was so much graffiti on this bridge, but I thought it was kind of interesting.

Another view of the bridge.

A bigger view of the bridge. And yes, I did drive on the bridge to get there and to go back.

A really big boulder that two of my friends decided to climb on.

Two of my friends on a really big rock.

My Addiction to Clash of Clans

I haven't had a blog post since February. Not much has really changed in my life since then, but what did change was adding something into my life even more. On my last post, I wrote about the top 10 games that I enjoyed playing on my Ipad. The game that I became addicted to these past few months isn't even on the list.

Clash of Clans was just one of those apps that I decided to download because it was so high in the top 100 list in games. I had no idea how much time I would spend on it after downloading the game in December. I been spending many hours raiding for gold, dark elixir, and elixir instead of blogging my life away or taking photos. I believe the addiction started somewhere in the middle of February when I started to play the game a bit more and had a better understanding of how to better play the game.

As I kept playing the game, I understood what was important and became more strategic. When I first played I was scared to battle, but now I battle every chance that I can get. I used to not know which battles to look for and more specifically what to look for before choosing a base to attack. But now, I understand the concepts of farming and hunting really well. I know that I should be looking for at least 150k or more if possible, instead of just fighting the first battle that appears in search, which might have a loot of 1k each.
I think what really got me addicted to the game was that there was a chat feature for both being in a clan and a global chat. The chat feature allowed people from all over the world to connect. I made a quite a few friends on the game, which made it hard to not go back to it since I'm a fan of connecting with friends. Throughout the courses of the months, the chat feature enabled funny and memorable moments. Other times, the chat feature also included drama.

There were times when I really wanted to quit the game, but I think I just couldn't because I still wanted the opportunity to connect with the friends I made on the game and how far I made it in the game. One of the foundations of a clan is loyalty, which helps build and maintains solid members. I been loyal and I like to be a loyal person, so its hard to stray away from that. In addition, I've made it past level 100 and reached my goal of all level 8 skull walls. My base is really coming along well and I cant help but wonder what will it look like if I just continue farming and further developing my base and going further in levels.