Sunday, December 23, 2012

White Elephant Hangout

Yesterday, I had a White Elephant with some friends. It was my second time doing White Elephant. But, I think it's pretty fun and everyone gets to leave with a present. The other two times that I have played White Elephant, I didn't actually bring a gift myself. Instead, I was told that there was going to be a White Elephant event going on that day and that there was a present I could use to participate. Since it was my first time actually providing a gift for White Elephant, I wasn't sure what to give. I decided to put in a bunch of random things together. Among the items I put together were a handkerchief, 3x5 cards, post-its, and a clean thing that was given to me a few years back. Of course, none of the products were used before and were just somewhere in my home for a long period of time.

I played with four other people. We decided the order by writing down a number and putting that in a bag. Everyone choose number and it was decided that the lowest numbers would start off the game. The first person to open a gift was Juliet. Juliet decided to open my gift. She seemed kind of confused about what the cleaning thing was for and the handkerchief. Next, Chen opened a gift and it was a make up set from Vy. Mei decided to take Chen's makeup set instead of opening one up. So, Chen had the choice again of opening another one up or stealing the other gifts that were open. Chen choose to open another gift and it was a small office supply set with pins, labels, a stapler, and tape. Vy didn't want to take anything, but she decided to open one of the two remaining gifts. Vy opened the present that was supplied by Chen and it was a bag. I knew that I wanted to leave with something I like, so I took Chen's gift, the small office supply set. Chen decided to open the last gift and it was a picture frame. She looked happy because she can put it in her cubicle for the job she just started.

Overall, I think the White Elephant went well yesterday. Everybody left home with a gift that was useful or that they really liked. I also felt that what put ended up with were probably the best choice for that person.