Saturday, November 10, 2012

100 Movies in Theater

I just finished watching my 100th movie in theaters. 10 years ago, I would never have imagined that I would even come close to that number! But, how can I be sure that I watched 100 movies in theater already? I been keeping track for over a year now because I realized I watched too many movies and love staying organized.

How was it like watching 100 movies in a theater? I got to say that it went by fast and I hardly knew that I was watching so many movies, despite the fact that I kept track. I do know that my volunteering in 2009 for TUTD is the main reason that I watch so many movies. Before I volunteered at TUTD, I watched about zero movies a month and then it progressed to about 2-3 movies a month.

Although I watched so many movies in the past couple of years, they aren't always movies I enjoyed. I watched so many movies most people would not go and watch, but I watched anyway to review the movie or just to watch the movie. There has been rare cases, in which, I had the movie theater to myself and/or with a friend. I been to different theaters in Vacaville, Sacramento, and Davis. However, I haven't been to all the theaters around those areas.

I remember the first movie I ever watched in theaters and that is "Without a Paddle" and I watched it with my brother and sister. I remembered it being a cheap movie and the movie was hilarious. The last movie that I watched is "Skyfall". Although I was keeping track of the movies I watched up to 100, I decided to go with the flow and not watch most movies to get a certain number.

I made it a lifetime goal to watch 100 movies in theaters. I have reached that goal. But, I'm not ready to stop watching movies. Instead, I aim to reach higher and continue to watch movies. I know that my volunteer work with TUTD will end in a few weeks, but my movie watching will persist.

Movies I've Watched in Theaters


Date Name Where? Why?
1 A Nightmare on Elm Street G Street TUTD
2 African Cats F st TUTD
3 Alice in Wonderland SAC DT
4 12/26/09 Avatar SAC DT FUN
5 Black Swan 2nd Street
6 Bride Wars F st
7 10/2/10 Case 39 ?? TUTD
8 Crazyheart Davis? TUTD
9 Due Date F st Hang out
10 Eat. Pray. Love. Tower????
11 Exit through the gift shop Tower TUTD
12 Fast 5 G st TUTD
13 For the Colored Girls TUTD
14 2/7/09 Gran Tarino Davis 5
15 Gulliver's Travels TUTD
16 Harry Brown Crest
17 2/14/09 He's just not that into you ? Hang out
18 Hoodwinked Too! Hood v. Evil F st
19 How to train a Dragon SAC DT
20 8/29/10 Inception G st TUTD
21 12/1310 Inside Job Tower TUTD
22 12/26/09 It's Complicated SAC DT
23 Letters to Juliet G st TUTD
24 6/12/08 Man of Honor?
25 No Strings Attached TUTD
26 10/25/10 Paranormal Activity 2 TUTD
27 Post Grad
28 Precious Arden Century
29 Shrek 3D. Shrek 4 Forever After UA EK TUTD
30 Sex and the City 2 SAC DT TUTD
31 She's out of my League TUTD
32 Sorority Row G st
33 Suckerpunch
34 The American TUTD
35 Expendables TUTD
36 The Fighter TUTD
37 The Final Destination SAC DT TUTD
38 The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard TUTD
39 The Kids Are Alright. 2nd Street TUTD
40 SAW VI F st
41 The Rite PG-13 TUTD
42 8/20/09 The Time Traveler's Wife Century Laguna FUN
43 The Young Victoria DVD TUTD
44 Unstoppable F st FUN
45 Valentine's Day UA Arden FUN
46 The Lincoln Lawyer Santa Monica Promenade TUTD
47 Whiteout DT TUTD
48 Youth in Revolt TUTD
49 The Art of Getting By Century Laguna TUTD
50 Transformers 3D Century Laguna FUN
51 15-Apr Scary Movie 4
52 Horrible Bosses Century Laguna TUTD
53 Without a Paddle Sunrise
54 Watchmen
55 1-Jul Click SAC DT
56 Priest 3D F st
57 The Simpsons Century Arden Ethan  FUN
58 Jumping the Broom TUTD
59 20-Jul-11 Cowboys and Aliens F st TUTD
60 The Help TUTD
61 Harold and Kumar Christmas Arden Century FUN
62 20-Dec Young Adult TUTD
63 Nov-11 Jack and Jill
64 Tower Heist TUTD
65 My Week With Marilyn Tower TUTD
66 Fright Night TUTD
67 Contraband Tower TUTD
68 The Grey F st TUTD
69 Carnage F st TUTD
70 The Devil Inside F st TUTD
71 Oct-09 Couples Retreat
72 11/28/09 The Boondocks II: All Saints Day Folsom TUTD
73 Wanderlust TUTD
74 Mar-10 Silent House TUTD
75 30-Mar-12 Hunger Games Century Arden Ethan  FUN
76 31-Mar-12 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen TUTD
77 American Reunion F st TUTD
78 28-Apr The Five Year Engagement F st TUTD
79 Jeff, who lives at Home Regal, Arden TUTD
80 4-May Marvel's The Avengers F st FUN
81 11-May Dark Shadows G st FUN
82 18-May The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Tower TUTD
83 23-May The Dictator G st Free Movie Ticket
84 3-Jun-12 Men in Black III F st FUN
85 24-Jun-12 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Century Laguna TUTD
86 The Intouchables Tower TUTD
87 Snow White and the Huntsman G st Fun
88 28-Jun-12 Seeking a Friend at the End of the World Century Laguna Fun
89 30-Jun-12 Magic Mike UA Laguna TUTD
90 8-Jul-12 Savages UA Laguna TUTD
91 8/5/12 Take This Waltz Crest TUTD
92 8/12/12 The Campaign Century Arden Ethan  TUTD
93 8/17/12 Expendables 2 UA Laguna TUTD/FUN
94 Ruby Sparks Tower TUTD
95 9/2/12 Farewell My Queen Crest TUTD
96 9/8/12 Lawless Century Arden Ethan  TUTD
97 10/1/12 Looper Century Laguna TUTD
98 10/14/12 Seven Psychopaths Century Laguna TUTD
99 11/2/12 Wreck it Ralph Century Laguna TUTD/FUN
100 10-Nov-12 Skyfall Century Laguna FUN